Concealed Weapons Without a Permit Becoming More Common: Should you need a license to carry concealed?

  • Yes, people should get a license to carried a concealed weapon.

    There is no reason why someone would need to carry a concealed weapon in this country, and those that do make the rest of us less safe. Because of this, those that do choose to carry a concealed weapon need to be thoroughly vetted and have a permit to help reduce the risk to other citizens.

  • Yes, you need a permit

    Anyone who carries a concealed firearm should be required to obtain a permit. It is a highly dangerous situation for a person who knows nothing about guns and how to handle them carries one, especially in a concealed manner. These people need special training on not only how to carry them safely, but also on how to properly show and use them.

  • Yes, I think so.

    At the risk of sounding like I am speaking to generally, I feel that anyone carrying any weapon should be licensed to do so. In a perfect world absolutely every weapon being carried by absolutely any person would be known of and it would also be known that the carrier is considered fit to carry it.

  • Gun ownership should be registered.

    A gun is a tool just like any other and like a tool it can be misused. Gun control should be centered around education and understanding of that tool. Before people can carry a concealed hand gun they should be properly educated and trained with a gun and then properly registered. That should be the issue that is pushed. Guns are good but they need to be regulated.

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