Concerning the flat earth theory, can you prove your living on a round earth?

Asked by: Frito
  • Earth's shadow is round.

    When there is a lunar eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow on the moon, and we can see it is a round planet.

    In fact, all planets we have observed in the universe are round, so it would be the default assumption that any given planet is round until proven otherwise.

    And lastly, planes and boats can be traced traveling from North America to Asia, North America to Europe, or Africa to Australia, and none having fallen over the edge while attempting to do so.

  • I have seen the curve of the Earth at sea and on top of Mountains with my eyes.

    It is pretty easy to see that the Earth curves when on top of a large Mountain or on a ship in the Ocean as I have. I have noticed that the bottom half of large ocean going vessels appear to be missing when you are on another vessel at sea many miles away (or even on a beach). The curve of the Earth was also obvious to me when I climbed to the summit of a couple of the Cascade Volcanoes as well (10,000 - 14,000 feet in elevation) and looked towards Mountains 50 - 100 KM away.

  • You can go around the world and even visit the poles

    You can go all the way around the world without falling over the edge. Some flat earthers claim that the edge of the world is in "Antarctica" to dodge this objection, and claim that the South Pole is a hoax. But it is possible for tourists to visit the South Pole, so that disproves the flat earth theory.

  • Earthquakes bro, that's how

    If the Earth were flat Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and the tectonic plate theories behind them wouldn't work. The plates would be inclined to actually never connect or contact since the world would either A) be always expanding or B) fall off the surface of the plane. It's equivalent to just having any item on a pond; they will naturally move away from one another versus colliding.

  • Just think about it...

    Why would the government ,or whoever you conspiracy theories clame to be behind this, try to convince people the earth is flat. What could anyone possibly gain from telling people the earth Is round, if you say control over us, WHO THE FUCK is going to be more compelled to listen to whomever if the earth is round... Also has anyone who believes this ever really tried at least to travel to the south pole, probably a stupid thing to say because some random person will say they tried and couldn't or something...

  • We have proof

    One simple big problem.
    Without gravity, we wouldn't exixt. Even space has gravity, a tiny bit.
    Gravity is what brought us, the sun the moon, other stars, etc. Here.. It pulled us together. Without it, there would only be space. So listen to this on point expenation before you Con.

  • Simple plate tectonics

    If the earth is flat then explain why earth subducts under itself and causes things like tsunamis and earthquake, or faults and sinkholes? Explain geothermal energy. I don't see how anybody in this day and age, especially god fearing human beings can't see the just how perfectly designed our heliocentric terrestrial system is. If the earth is flat then explain how that fits in with the natural order of growth and development of objects, place, plants and animals within the guidelines of nature's own golden ratio?

  • Evidence Over The Horizon.

    First of all how do you explain the horizon if we watch a ship go over the horizon it doesn't just fall of the edge of the world. Secondly our shadows could all be completely different due to the way the sun shines on the Earth. Thirdly it can't be midnight and noon in two different places in the world at the same time, cause that's what would happen if the world was flat, that's unless suddenly the sun just enlarged itself millions of times. Also one of the most definite reasons is the fact that people have gone to space and taken pictures, even private companies who aren't involved with NASA and the government, why would anyone want to edit them? Plus the sea level on the Earth would be incredibly different due to the shape of the Earth. If the world was flat lunar eclipses wouldn't exist either, yet they seem to do. Constellations are another factor you cannot miss they prove the fact that the world is round due to the fact you can only see certain constellations in certain places. Also Planes, if you have ever ridden a plane you now that we don't just fall of the edge of the world after a while of flying. Planets also prove the Earth is round because like stars you can only see them in certain places, but if the world was flat everyone wherever they where at would be able to see them. The next reason why is once again about planets, I know some would say this is a very high coincidence and just baseless conjecture, but I highly disagree... All of the planets we have discovered are round. And last but not least, I now this may sound stupid but triangles as well actually prove the world is flat... Look it up you'll see... In the end though its up to your own personal opinion, and nobody can change that. XD

  • Evidence on the Horizon...

    First of all there is the horizon, this means that the surface you are observing from is definitely not an infinite flat plane. Secondly if the Earth was flat we would have completely different sea levels due to the atmospheric pressure of the Earth. Thirdly and the one of the most obvious yet definite ones is the fact that spaceships and orbiting satellites have taken pictures of the world being round. If you want more proof how do you explain the fact that we can clearly see ships sailing over the horizon and not falling of the Earth. Plus how do you explain lunar eclipses. Also if the world was flat our shadows would totally different due to the way the sun shines onto the Earth. And last but not least time zones... For example how could it be noon and midnight at the same time in two different countries cause that's exactly what would happen if the world was flat, that's unless suddenly the sun just made itself millions of times bigger. Thus is my proof of why the Earth could not be flat.

  • Yes, in a few ways.

    First, flights around the entire world would be impossible if the world was flat. For example a Los Angeles-London-Hong Kong-repeat would be way longer. Also, the poles would be messed up if the world was flat (according to this picture) thus making it impossible to have two. All you have to do is try these things and see for yourself.

  • There's no real proof

    There's not really any proof of a flat earth. Give me a picture from NASA and I will say that it was edited. Say that gravity will collapse the earth into a ball - I will say that gravity is a myth. Say the earth is rounded because you can see the curvature while in a plane and I will say that this is mathematically impossible. Nothing is provable because I can bring up counter ideas or discount science as a whole.

  • O So you have pictures of earth you say?!!.... And that the reason you can't see beyond te horizon is because of Earths curviture?

    It may be I wrote on a nother argument, I'll paste this here. (Pardon my English and Writing, English is my second language) I agree that the flat earth theorists have their exaggerations. Dont be so close minded hear them out. Why jump to the conclusión of our planet being round? How about you yourself prove that it is round.

    You say we have satellite images. What satellite images? I took the liberty into googling "Earth". Only found a few, noticed they all seem perfectly.

    Isaac Newton himself didn't believe the Earth was round. Don't have sources. But I did get this article. Disprove it doesn't have bulges and is round as they come. Let me continue on with the pictures. Where's the so called space debree. The last thing I heard, we were sorrounded by debree, making it hard for satellites to orbit the planet..... One more thing, I thought we had stars, why is there nothing around the planet? Just pitch black.

    You could say they were photoshoped, maybe... But were are the originals? I would love to see them. See how the earth really looks.

    Proving the earth is round is a waste of time. You haven't been to space, you haven't seen Earth. Its ridiculous hearing this from my compatriots... "We have pictures", you say. Really?

    Disproving the Earth is flat because you " believe", you can't see farther than the horizon, because the roundness of Earth blocks your view? .... Ever heard of linear perspective? No? I'll give an example as an explanation. Imagine your on the flat plain. Ever noticed that an item that gets farther away looks smaller? It will get smaller and smeller, until it gets to the vanishing point. It will disappear out of your view. But I'll give you this.... If the Earth is flat. Let's do an experiment.... Lets get a very powerful microscope and point it at the horizon. Can we see anything beyond? Mind you... If you are able to see beyond, that disproves the round earth. I thought if something was round, it is at an angle.. We shouldn't be able to see at an angle lower than us.

    Plz be open, read, do some math. Don't explain something on beliefs. Educated people look into thongs first.

    I'm ashamed of my fellow humans, who scream and call these people stupid and crazy. -_-

  • The earth can be conclusively proven to not be a ball, globe, or sphere. We don't live on a ball, and here is why.

    The proof: Thermal imaging and infrared. I work with thermal imaging and infrared cameras, I teach people how to use them, I know exactly how they work and I know their limitations.

    The reason I bring up this as proof because it is one of the 2 things that people can do themselves to prove we don't live on a globe. There are many things on both sides of the debate that people can't simply prove, but only bring up what others say. Then it's a matter of "please believe me". Thermal imaging and infrared however, ANYBODY can do it. Anybody can also look up the very proof I'll give you to further prove that we don't live on a ball.

    If we live on a ball, that means we have a circumference, the circumference is about 40,000km. Because there is a circumference, there must be an equation to figure out the curve and drop between 2 points. There just so happens to be an earth curve calculator, and here is one of them:

    Now infrared and thermal imaging work off of line of sight only, it's straight. It doesn't curve, bend, invert, or subject to refraction. That island you can see 40 miles across the water, the one people claim you can only see via refraction? Sorry but infrared and thermal imaging aren't subject to it. If you point a long range night vision camera at that island and pick up shapes and thermal hits, the surface isn't curved, it's as simple as that. Search and rescue crews use this technology (i know because I teach them how to use it), and so does the military (especially Navy).

    Now the question is, how can we prove this to ourselves? If you want to physically prove it to yourself, then you only need a night vision camera capable of seeing 3-4 miles away. 3-4 miles away equals a 5-15ft below eye level (or horizon level), which is enough to be out of sight of the night vision camera. Spend $100, go down to a spy store or military surplus store and rent one, they're everywhere.

    If you want to just go online to verify these camera's exist, then do that too. Look at this one from Kintronics:

    It has a 41 mile range. So if you go back to the earth curve calculator and plunk in 41 mile range, at a height of say 3ft (which would be the height if that camera were placed on the ground), you'd have a 1000ft hidden distance, or in other words, 1000ft drop out of sight.

    Now you have to ask yourself this question: how on earth does that camera work if the area it's pointed at is 1000ft below out of sight?

    The answer is people, it doesn't work. The camera only works that far on a flat surface, that's how you know it's flat. Discover that and now all the other globe arguments fall immediately.

  • No Proof of Spinning Ball

    I see people saying you can see a ship go over the curve of the earth so that proves it's a ball, that is not true at all. If you have a telescope you can fully zoom back in on it or even a HD camera with a good zoom, stop taking freemasons @ NASAs word for it and do your own experiments and research. The ship simply goes out of your site range lol.

  • No proof of either.

    I have never personally witnessed anything showing we are a sphere.
    Flat yes but a globe no.
    Flat or not flat I have no way of seeing for myself what 'the truth' is.
    I accept that the earth may be round but not spherical.
    I will probably never know for definite so try not to dwell in it. Although I take information from both theories.
    I think science should be open to all theories and not just stick to one.. This to me is just as closed minded as many religions.. Not taking on other facts

  • Tesla, Tesla, Tesla

    "Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely IMPOSSIBLE ..Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has NO RELATION to reality. The scientists from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly.

    "The theory, wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. Not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved."

    “Earth is a realm, it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore, it has no edge. Earth would be more easily defined as a system environement. Earth is also a machine, it is a Tesla coil. The sun and the moon are powered wirelessly with electromagnetic field (the Aether). This field also suspends the celestial spheres with electro-magnetic levitation. Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity. The stars are attached to the FIRMAMENT.” – Nikola Tesla

  • Time and seasons

    If the earth were round and revolving around the sun it would be midnight at twelve noon in a given country in winter and midday at twelve noon in the summer. Think about it.....The earth rotation is supposedly 24 hours so it is back in the same clockwise position everyday at the same time. But wait....If the earth is in the same clockwise position at the same time every day then if it were daylight noon right now then six months from now when it is directly on the other side of the sun it should be pitch dark at noon. Think about it...We are not going around the sun. The sun is circling earth. And by the way I am a free mason of high degree and I don't know why people think we are responsible for the round earth hoax? I would like for someone to explain that to me.

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