Condoms in schools: Can condoms be distributed without upsetting religious doctrine?

  • Have Safe Sex

    That is what we all get told so why are these people saying we shouldn't have condoms. You cant say someone cant have sex so if they have condoms they will safer than with nothing and you all get on their back for teenagers having kids at a young age so let them have the condoms!!!

  • Condoms can be distributed without upsetting religious doctrine.

    Condoms can be distributed without upsetting religious doctrine. I think that condoms should be distributed discretely at school. We want to be able to protect our children when it comes to sex. I do not think any religious doctrine should be upset by this. If we do not do this we risk risky behavior and pregnancy is not what anyone wants.

  • Condoms can be distributed without upsetting religious doctrine.

    Condoms can be distributed in schools without upsetting religious people. People who don't want the condoms can simply refuse to take them. Non-religious people should not have to follow the rules of a small religious minority. Rather, everyone should be able to come to a compromise that benefits the whole group.

  • Students Can Get Condoms from School Nurse

    Schools shouldn't hand out condoms to every student in high school. However, if a student feels a condom is in order, that person should be allowed to anonymously pick up some from the nurse's office. Some religions are against contraception, but teenagers are hormonal and will likely have sex with each other. Condoms should be made available to help reduce teen pregnancies.

  • In public schools, religious doctrine has no place.

    Studies have shown that a religious-based or abstinence-only sex education isn't successful. If students decide to have sex, they'll do it, and it's better for them to have access to condoms that not. Unprotected sex leads to teen pregnancy (which seems to already be an epidemic in our society). Simply having condoms around isn't encouraging teens to have sex, but encouraging them to be safe if they choose to have sex.

  • Most religions especially Catholics are against premarital sex

    Distribution of condoms in schools will upset doctrine because it will be against beliefs. Besides it. Is wrong to have sex before marriage anyway so when you add contraption into the matter it makes everything worse. If you were a religious parent and you found out that your child has been taking condoms from school without you knowing how angry and upset do you think you would be with your child and the school?

  • No, but they should still be given out.

    Religious doctrine is in many cases going to be disturbed by the mention of condoms, never mind their availability in schools. But if we are talking about teens, then we cannot allow religions to govern our morality in public schools. WE need instead to do what is right for our young people.

  • Religiuos People Are Not Very Tolarant

    While it is probably one of the smartest things we can do to prevent STD'S and over population. Religious people will always think when we employ these methods, that we are actually promoting young people to have sex. That it is OK for them to have sex. No one is saying that, we are just saying youngsters are going to do it anyway. Might as well let them be responsible. It is called being real about the situation.

  • Religion and sex don't mix

    Distributing condoms would go against any kind of religion. By distributing the condoms it is seen by many as you condoning sex and what the kids are doing, when in many cases it is just that you want to make sure that if they are having sex that they are doing it safely. If it were up to religion than there would be no sex and kids would have no idea how to be safe at all.

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