Condoms in schools: Is it pragmatic for governments to do this?

  • Better Safe Than Sorry

    Honestly, high school aged kids are going to have sex. There is nothing the government can do to stop it. Parents can try, teachers can try, and who knows? They might have some success. But at some point, there are going to be teens having sex. It only makes sense for the schools to provide adequate information and protection. Otherwise, teens can end up with STDs, or pregnant. But, I don't think condoms are the only resources that should be available. There should be counselors, brochures and abundant information to make sure that teens know what they are doing.

  • Government should mind it's business

    It makes me cringe when I hear the government has interest in meddling in citizens personal life more than they already do. Are they concerned that this will promote sex amongst the youth? I guess shows like "teen mom" might have beaten them to the punch already. Condoms in schools should be looked at on a school by school basis.

  • No. It Is Not the Government's Job to Distribute Condoms

    No, it is not pragmatic for the government to hand out condoms in schools, because it is not the governments job to distribute condoms, any more than it is their job to distribute clothing, toothbrushes, or television sets. The government's job is simply to educate, not to give people things they need or may only want for living. It could also be said that in doing so, the government is making a lifestyle choice for the children. Either way, it is not something the government needs to do to education children, so it should not distribute condoms in schools.

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