Condoms in schools: Should public schools have condom distribution programs?

  • Prevention is the best policy

    No matter what your personal opinion is on sex among teenagers, we have to all agree they are having sex. I think it's best to stop making sex a taboo subject, and just give the straight up fact to kids, with the means of protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy.

  • Young boys and girls having xes

    I think they should give out condoms in school Because young girls are becoming mom's at such a young age for example last year a 9 year old girl got pregnant due to no use of condoms they should atleast start giving them out in middle school we don't want girls suffering with baby's that they can't take care of they have to hold a baby for 9 months then feed it buy clothes no....That is wrong children need to know about this...And condoms should be given starting in middle school.

  • School condom distribution programs.

    While I wish it wasn't necessary, with they way our society has become, I think it is a good place to start. While Schools try to teach abstinence,, children see sex glorified in everything from cartoons to jeans ad's. Many teens are going to have sex no matter what someone tells them so at least they are given information and the tools to protect them against STD's and a possible pregnancy. In reality it should be the parents making sure that their children are informed, and are abstaining. But since statistics show that more teens are becoming parents at such a young age... I think doing what they can to help prevent that is just fine.

  • Only if the sexually active couple are married.

    If sex is only between a single man and a single woman, then I suppose it would be OK for the school to distribute condoms. Distributing condoms randomly condones living in the fantasy world that sex outside of marriage between any number of individuals representing whatever genders is quite normal. Why would a school want to promote activities that are clearly harmful and dehumanizing?

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