Condoms in schools: Will condoms in public schools help lower teen pregnancy rates?

  • Yes they will

    Whether parents and adults like it or not, teenagers are going to engage in sexual activity. Not all kids will do so, but some will no matter what. Providing condoms at school would be great. I think that it would lower teenage pregnancy rates. Not all kids have access to things that make sex safe, and it is important for the school to help them receive these things.

  • Condoms in public schools will help lower teen pregnancy rates.

    Schools should distribute condoms in order to lower teen pregnancy rates. It is necessary for teachers to take measures against teen pregnancy. Teens are going to have sex no matter what their parents and teachers tell them. It is better to educate them and prepare them for it than simply to ignore the problem.

  • Yes it can only help

    Having condoms available in schools can only help to lower pregnancy rates. Teenagers are going to have sex no matter how much we try to stop them so we might as well arm them with what they need to be safe rather than fighting a losing battle of abstinence because that is not working.

  • Having condoms available in schools would lower teen pregnancy rates

    Having condoms available is a great way to lower the teen pregnancy rates. It would also be good to have other forms of contraception available and provide an actual sex education class which would be taught by a non-judging, well-educated teacher.
    Giving teens the tools to understand and control their sexuality and sexual choices is the best way to keep teen pregnancy rates down.

  • Yes, raising awareness of contraceptives makes students better informed.

    Students in public schools will have sex no matter what. Abstinence-only education does not prevent students from having sex, it only makes them less informed about sex and how to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is no coincidence that the states with the most strict abstinence-only sex education policies are also the ones with the most teen pregnancies. Condoms in schools allow students both the information and the means to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  • Condoms with your report card!

    By having condoms readily available for all students then they are more likely to use them instead of having unprotected sex. The problem with most kids is that they do not know where to get them or are to shy to get them. By having a safe place in the school where a student can go to get protection is a good idea.

  • No I don't think condoms in public would help

    Teens choose not to use protection and then they choose not to get an abortion. Schools should be able to teach about it, but passing out condoms wouldn't do anything but encourage more people to have sex. I think teens who get pregnant and choose to keep the baby are stupid and irresponsible.

  • Responsible Parenting Will Reduce Teen Pregnancy

    I do not believe condoms should be distributed at schools. I believe it is okay to discuss them and also teach about them, however, they are not a free product. This is something even teenagers should be made to purchase, with their money. It would help teach responsibility. Secondly, teen pregnancies have already lowered, but they could be reduced further if parents would discuss contraceptives with their children and help them obtain them.

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