Condoms in schools: Will condoms in public schools reduce sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Condoms need to be passed out.

    It saddens me to say that many parents do not do their jobs when it comes to sexual education. I recently had a discussion where a mother told me that she believes the less she discusses sex with her children the better it is for all involved. I was appalled. Children need to learn about sex and the consequences of their actions. If they are not informed, they cannot make reasonable choices. Abstinence is not right for everybody. For those who choose to participate in sexual activities, condoms need to be provided.

  • If a kid doesn't want to use a condom, they won't, even if they have one.

    Being a person who has experienced many lessons about protected sex in school, I'll say that everything they've taught has no real influence on the choices I've made regarding sex. Spending money on condoms is money that could have been put into more useful programs. Most kids will just play with the condom or throw it away anyways.

    Posted by: slu
  • No they wont

    Students have access to condoms regardless of whether or not they are handed out in public schools. Some people are just too stupid and do not worry about the consequences and choose by their own free will to not engage in safe sex. I think it would be nice to have condoms on hand but people are going to choose whether or not to use them either way.

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