Confederate history month: Is Confederate history month a good idea?

  • Yes, they are the true conservatives.

    It was not a war fought over slavery, it was a war fought over liberalism and conservatism. The "north" supported slavery halfway through the war. The confederacy succeeded from the union, because of a difference in economic views. It was liberalism vs. Conservatism. Confederate flag lawsuits are just ignorant, politically-correct assholes that want money.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    We got all these history months but why can't we have a mouth to celebrate the men who died for their rights and a better nation. States like Virginia and Carolina really know what history month is! Here is Pennsylvania we have a CSA day and a month like most southern states. Being the only Yankee state to do (if you include Maryland and Delaware as Northern). It was made to honor the men who died for the Confederacy and a better nation not to discriminate blacks!

  • Keep History Lessons in History Class

    Confederate History Month is a bad idea. The Confederate flag has been the subject of lawsuits when it is flown near public buildings. Imagine the uproar over an entire month devoted to the history of a rogue country in the United States that supported slavery. History lessons regarding the Confederacy should stay at home or in history class, but not an entire month of nothing but the rise and fall of the South.

  • No, i do not think that Confedeate history month is a good idea.

    I do not think Confederate history month is a good idea because of it's history of racist connotations. America does not have the best history when it comes to racial relations, or equality. I believe that Confederate history month would only create more tension in an already tense society when it comes to race issues.

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