Confrontation for Senate Nominee: Will Cruz concede to a more liberal candidate?

  • Yes, Cruz will concede to a more liberal candidate.

    Yes, Cruz will concede to a more liberal candidate because he has been pushed around this entire election year. He does not stand up for himself and lets others walk all over him. He does what he is told and the moment he feels the election is out of reach, he will concede.

  • No, he will not.

    He may not concede, but if enough other people do it may not matter if he does. He can fight the nomination as much as he wants, but if other people overpower him, the nomination will still go through. This is one of the advantages of not having a single ruler.

  • is unlikely to concede to a more libera;l candidate.

    Regardless of one's political orientation, Ted Cruz will honor the election results and accept defeat if his opponent wins, but it is far too early for anyone to concede with the election over a week away. This is the type of sensational journalism that wrongfully impacts voter turnout, sways opinions and affects election results, and it is wrong for the press to practice this type of journalism.

  • No, Republicans Block Again.

    Cruz has been speaking to the press saying that the Republicans are going to block Hillary Clinton's nomination for the open supreme court justice spot, if she gets elected. The same reason Obama was unable to successfully appoint the position, the Republicans will use everything in their power to block the nomination.

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