• Better a Friend Than an Enemy

    I don't believe you can ever use the word "friend" in it's true definition when it comes to international relations, but I believe it's much better to make them no matter how loose the tie may be. Iraq is going through a lot of turmoil currently, and tensions will no doubt be high as leaders are put under pressure to do something about it. Ties are not broken though, and with the right tactics they will come out stronger on the other side.

  • Iraq Cannot Be Considered the United States Friend

    Iraq cannot be considered a friend of the United States, although Iraq's current leader, Prime Minister Nouri al MalikiShiite, wants United States protection from a radical Sunni Muslim insurgent group that’s violently gained control of many cities in Iraq. The problem is, Nouri's Shiite dominated government wants no involvement in running the country from the Iraqi Sunni, Shia, and Kurds, and the United States is only willing to help if the interests of Sunni, Shia and Kurds are all respected equally.

  • United States can't trust anyone!

    You have to be careful as to who The United States call friend, the United States has been threaten so many times by different countries it's not funny, every time you turn around there is always someone attacking the united states because of how they feel, you can't trust anyone.

  • No, the countries are fairweather friends at best

    Looking at the long history between Iraq and the United States, it is abundantly clear that the countries feelings for each other change at the drop of a hat. Each is looking towards its own self-interests, and when those coincide the two countries cooperate; however, when the needs are opposing, the resulting clash creates a diplomatic nightmare.

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