Congress calls Martin Shkreli to testify: Should Shkreli spend the rest of his life in jail?

  • Yes. He should go to jail.

    A 32-year old multi-millionaire capitalist that lives in New York, Martin Shkreli has been notorious for raising the price of a life saving drug. A man who has suffered depression in his early years, he has used lying, scamming, and ruthlessness to get where he is now. Although he has a net worth over $100 million, and is the CEO of one of the largest biotech companies in the world, all of this effort and money he has gained in my opinion is not enough to cover the atrocities he has committed. This is why I think Martin Shkreli should be sentenced to jail.

    Many of you probably have no clue who Martin Shkreli is, other than a entrepreneur. Most of you probably don’t even know what toxoplasmosis is. But the seriousness of the crime he has committed goes unnoticed and should be very concerning to everyone.

    There is a drug in the world called Daraprim. A life-saving drug, it is used to prevent the parasite toxoplasmosis from spreading. It has saved countless amounts of lives over the years, and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. What Shkreli has done, is that he has bought the company that produces them, Retrophin, and overnight, he raised the price from $13.50 to $750, over 5000% of the original price. This may sound actually somewhat reasonable to you, until I tell you that this is for 1 tablet. 1 pill can get you probably 12 hours of protection, so only in 1 day, you will have to spend $1,500 to protect yourself. This is purely outrageous. Not only has he probably harmed everyone that suffers from this life-threatening disease, he claims he would have “raised it higher”, but thankfully he did not.

    Why should he be in jail? Is this really a crime? May be a few questions that you have currently. But we’ve missed a small fact. How did he gain the money to buyout the company that produces Daraprim? Well, it’s been very grim for anyone that has faced Shkreli. His charm, his ability to have a silver tongue has given him many second chances, such as losing a bet of $2.5 million dollars with the Lehman Brothers, where he then lied to the Congress, and they believed it, sueing the Lehman Brothers for over double the money and making them going bankrupt. Everything he has done in my opinion is a crime and he should be sentenced to at least 10 years in jail.

    This is my opinion on the decision and person that Shkreli is. The actions he has done have proven unsafe and if we were to let this man running loose in our society that would eventually turn out to be extremely dangerous. Him manipulating the prices of drugs for his own personal gain to ruin people who actually need the drug should cost him his freedom.

  • Yes, Martin Shkreli should have to spend his life in jail.

    This man is despicable. That's not illegal, but he has acted in that capacity to harm innumerable people. Manipulating drug prices to please himself and embezzling from his employers probably only scratches the surface, but the damage he did to vulnerable people who desperately need the drugs he jacked up should cost him his freedom.

  • Yes, Shkreli should spend his life in jail.

    What Shkreli did was immoral in every way I can think of. Monopolies should not be able to form in the medicine industry, particularly when patient lives are at stake. He should now be held accountable for his actions, and life in prison should be the penalty the jury decides on.

  • Unethical Behavior Does Not Equate to Life in Prison

    Martin Shkreli raising the price of medicine that people's lives depends on is unethical and to most Americans, disgusting. This man is not winning any friends or humanitarian awards with his behavior. Congress may find that he is price gouging and declare his actions illegal. However, it does not mean that he should spend life in prison. There are criminals who murder people and do not end up with life in prison, therefore it seems like an overly harsh punishment.

  • Criminals should be made to pay

    Yes, I do believe that Martin Shkreli should be made to pay for what he did. Although I do not belief life in jail seems justified. He deprived people from gaining access to life-saving medicine and that in itself is a despicable act by any standard. Instead, what I would suggest is that he is a more reasonable jail sentence, along with some form of community service.

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