• Yes, Hillary should be found guilty

    Hillary Clinton is guilty for what happened in Benghazi, but not for the reasons that many in Congress believe. Hillary advocated for U.S. military involvement in Libya to overthrow the country's government. After the Libyan government was gone, there was no security plan put in place by the U.S. to stabilize the country. Therefore, the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans was a result of the U.S. overthrowing the Libyan government which Hillary supported.

  • No, Benghazi was a tragedy but Hillary wasn't responsible

    After months of investigations, the House Benghazi Committee concluded its investigation recently without unearthing any new evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. While the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were tragic, numerous investigations have turned up no suggestion of malfeasance by Secretary Clinton. While Republicans would prefer to continue to talk about Benghazi, there is simply no reason to continue to vilify Secretary Clinton over this issue.

  • No, she should not be found guilty.

    An investigative team has already launched an investigation into Benghazi and determined that HIllary Clinton is not guilty of any misdeeds. There is no reason why Congress should find any differently. Hillary Clinton had a difficult job as Secretary of State, and had to make many difficult decisions, and investigation does not mean guilt.

  • No, she should not be found guilty.

    No, Hillary should not be found guilty because this whole investigation has been a witch hunt from the beginning. Congress is politicizing a tragedy where Americans died to try and ruin Hillary's presidential campaign. The only way she should be found guilty is if there is evidence of wrongdoing on her part and there seems to be no evidence of that.

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