Congress knew about Pentagon's efforts to take bonuses from veterans: Should veterans be paid more than politicians?

  • Yes, yes they should.

    More importantly Congress and other politicians should be paid much, much less. We are not supposed to have an oligarchy in this county, but we are very close to that. We need to take better care of our veterans, who are abused by the country that they volunteer to protect.

  • Politicians and veterans should not necessarily be paid more or less than each other

    No, veterans should not necessarily be paid more than politicians. Veterans should be paid according to needs as well as accomplishments and contributions in their job. Politicians should be paid in a similar way. Both jobs are public service positions and should be valued for their contributions to our society. However, they are not the only jobs that are important or require sacrifice. It all needs to be kept in perspective.

  • Veterans shoud not be paid more than politicians

    Military veterans should not be paid more than politicians, despite their fine work. Although veterans are to be respected for their sacrifice in defending our freedom, the government simply cannot afford to pay them six figure salaries. There are also ways to get rid of elected officials by simply voting for another candidate.

  • It all depends

    Not every veteran is deserving of more money than every politician. Certainly most veterans have done more for their country than the vast majority of politicians, but that isn't always the case. A person who enlisted and spent two years without seeing battle doesn't necessarily deserve more money than the person running the country. It has to be looked at on a more individual basis.

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