Congress meets with five days to avoid a shutdown over funding. Will the government shutdown?

  • Yes, because the Republicans hold a majority over the Democratic incumbent.

    The Republicans, who hold a majority in the House of Representatives, hold the bargaining power when it comes to passing any motions to avoid the government shutdown. Therefore, the Democrats do not have the power to put forward a solution to the problem of the government shutdown that agrees with their ideology and simply vote it through. This means that there will have to be many negotiations with the Republicans, who have a fundamentally different belief over how the country should be run. With such contrasting views, it will be difficult to find any common ground on which a deal will be brokered before the deadline. The Republicans also have a motive to not agree to any deal, since the party in power will most likely be blamed for the shutdown.

  • No, the government will not shutdown.

    The federal government will not shutdown this close to the election. Neither party wants to be blamed for a government shutdown, so they will work together to pass a stop-gap funding bill. Congress will likely 'kick the can down the road,' and just wait to take up a major budget fight after the next president is sworn into office.

  • Congress will not shutdown

    Congress will not shutdown prior to the election. There are five days remaining to provide funding, otherwise risk another governmental shutdown. The last time, there was an enormous political price paid by Republicans, and they are not anxious to have that repeated this close to the election. Republicans will ultimately capitulate.

  • No, the government will not shutdown.

    No, the government will not shutdown because we already went through a shutdown in 2013 and that hurt the image of the country. There is no good reason to shutdown the government. The Democrats and the Republicans need to come together to keep a shutdown from happening. The citizens should matter more than politics.

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