Congress outraged over hepatitis C treatment: Should it be illegal to get rich at the expense of the sick?

  • It's unethical and morally wrong and he is killing people by choosing to make this drug to costly

    The price for these medications are outrages. It doesn't cost this much to make the medications. People are dyeing while he gets rich. It is clear he did not make this drug to help anybody but himeself. It should be illegal to charge this much on any type of treatment for people to get better. They should all be sued and penalized its inhumane to treat people this way. Giving people hope them tearing it down were only the rich get better. He is killing people.

  • Getting rich at expense of the sick is outright wrong!

    The pharmaceutical industry and health care as a whole in the United States is an absolute disgrace. These companies and individuals charge exorbitant amounts of money for medical services and drugs and justify these high costs under the guise of research for future drugs and medical advancements. The problem is, there are so little controls around their fees and with the government requiring all people to have medical insurance, these companies have been given a blank check to bad their pockets at the expense of people who require these drugs.

  • Yes, it should be illegal.

    The one thing that every person in this country, much less this world, has in common is that we are all in this together. I believe that this is an issue of humanity. If a cheaper cure of medicine can be introduced to cure any disease, all efforts should be directed toward getting these medicines in patients' hands.

  • The blame is in both directions.

    On one hand, it is a bit tyrannous for any individual to withhold any vital resource, that they obtain, from the rest of their group (in this case, the human race) in an attempt to gouge as much as possible from that group. On the other hand, fuckem. No-one starts a for-profit pharmaceutical corporation with the focus of curing as many as physically possible; that is known as a not-for-profit pharmaceutical corporation. Their intent was made clear by not being publicly funded by donations. If our society was really concerned about affordable medical treatment then we would have a lot more st. Jude style research facilities leading the way in a much broader range of medical advancements.

  • Congress attempting to enslave scientists

    Scientists need to be paid for their work, and they need to have the freedom to determine their worth. It's not right for the government to claim that scientists need to sell their discoveries for cheaper than they're worth. I don't get to walk into Walmart and say "Hey, I'm starving but this store is so much richer than me, so I'll just have congress force you guys to lower your prices." I'm pretty sure I'd get arrested for that.

  • It's risk and reward

    Developing the treatment was extremely expensive and there's not many people who can receive it. Congress should restrict the price to something that lets the company make a profit, even counting the very high R&D costs, but should defray the cost of the treatment through Medicare and Medicaid to let people access it.

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