Congressional pay as you go rules: Are US Congressional pay as you go rules justified?

  • Congress does not want to spend the money right anyways because it is not theirs, so, therefore they really do not care about the citizens.

    It is just like a bill anyone would acquire for something they want. You want it you have to pay for it. Congress Do the right thing. God has put you in place to help the people not just yourself in all reality he will come back for the righteous.

  • Pay as you Go

    The congress' pay as you go rules are justified. Although in practice, the United States continues to borrow an exorbitant amount of money every single day, the idea that government provided services should be paid for from specific revenue makes sense. It is a shame that the program does not function that way in practice.

  • Congressional Pay As You Go Is Unethical

    The Congressional pay as you go rules are not justified because the 14th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees payment of the country's public debts. Because of this policy, cuts are made to programs for people who need it the most, children and the elderly. In addition, pay as you go is a bad idea because it makes no provision for natural disasters, unforeseen international problems, or other events which could affect the country, as seen with Hurricane Katrina.

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