• Yes, Conscientious Objection should be recognized by law for those having an opposing view.

    We’re a nation of our inalienable rights which does not stop when we have freedom of thought. As such, a person having an opposing view should be recognized. Therefore, Conscientious Objection should be recognized as law for that reason only. We live in a very diverse Country, where all views are not the same. Our culture becomes more and more diverse every day. A person may have different views based upon religious beliefs, compassionate reasons, or even personal reasons they feel are justified, for objecting to the majority decision. It should be considered un-American to shame someone for their opposing or minority decision, based solely on the fact that we disagree with them. Unless someone's actions are displayed in direct interference of the majority, Conscientious Objection should be recognized by law, because this is America.

  • Conscientious Objection is important

    The term "Conscientious Objection" refers to the right of individuals to refuse to participate in military service. This should be recognized by law because it gives individuals the freedom to protest the military in a peaceful way. It has historic precedent in the Vietnam War, when people burned their draft cards.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    In all societies, individuals should be entitled to take responsibility for their convictions. The decision not to participate in war needs to be respected, for the moral revulsion of the convinced conscientious objector at the thought of taking human life is great. Military conscription of such men necessarily entails grave interference with conscience. Further,when a state exempts those whose convictions do not permit them to participate in war, it reaffirms its adherence to the principles of individual and religious liberty.

  • Then it's optional.

    If conscientious objecting were really valid, the effect would be that things become optional. Why not just conscientiously object to paying taxes? The end result would be that nobody would be willing to do anything that they don't want to do. It's more important to make sure that people follow the laws and behave appropriately.

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