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Conservative ideology is contingent on fearmongering.

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Science supports leftism. Conservatism is all feels.

    Conservatism is literally fear of progress. No matter the time period, No matter the subject conservatives would rather cling to old, Outdated, Crappy ways of doing things as opposed to welcoming solutions and progressive policies to make things better for everyone.

    Conservatives don't want to you to accept immigrants, They'd rather condition you to be afraid of hispanics and think they are all criminals, Rapists, And drug dealers. They would rather sit around with their their thumbs up their butts than do anything to help minorities who are left behind. Republicans whine and complain at the prospect of giving people stimulus checks and you know helping people through tough times. They were afraid freeing slaves would cause a race war insurrection. They fear allowing muslims into the country and having white people become a minority will destroy the U. S. Because "multi-culturalism bad". They didn't want self government because the monarchy worked lol. And it's the same today with cqpitalism vs socialism. "We don't need socialism because capitalism works. "

    There response to covid, Trump's election loss, And the U. S. Declining white population are all tossed up to conspiracy baiting. They want you to be afraid of what doesn't benefit them so pregress is stifened or avoided.

    Ect, Ect

  • Yes so much so

    I may have a little bias here but my Mom is a conservative Trumper and I avoid all politics with her because she immediately begins to talk about how bad the other side is instead of explaining why her position is right. She basically tries to scare me into voting Republican. A lot of the stuff she says is blatant propoganda and when I try to correct her she just brushes it off. Conservatives in general are fearful of any big change or are ignorant on some issues so yes there is some fearmongering going on I do believe

  • No. Conservative ideology is predicated on keeping things that work.

    We could say that fear mongering in this context would constitute making generalized appeal to emotion fallacies for political gain. The right does do this but by no means has a monopoly on it. Its important to note that an appeal to emotion fallacy is not necessarily wrong. Its just not a valid means of constructing a position.

    Some examples of right wing fear mongering would be: the Qanon conspiracy, Election integrity, Illegal immigration, George Soros.

    Some examples of left wing fear mongering would be: racialized police brutality, Russian collusion, Border control, Climate change, Covid.

    Politics is in many ways reliant on this method of garnering support unfortunately. This is in no small part due to social media.

  • *face palms *

    Conservatism is about conserving a given peoples religion history and traditions it has nothing to do with fearmongering

    if you want fear mongering just turn on the mainstream media MSNBC CNN ABC etc.

    There is no contingency on fearmongering not on the right anyway. . . . . .

  • Liberal MSM fearmongers more

    The left-wing media conglomerate consistently uses fear tactics in order to brainwash and recruit more people into the leftist mindset. They will literally tell you that "the world is ending in 12 years because of carbon dioxide and you have to stop eating beef/vote democrat/live like a Venezuelan to stop it" Like that is just doomsday-cult tactics. They also paint patriots who love this Country and our freedoms as the bad guys, But never say anything ill of antifa/blm which is actually a dangerous terror threat. The media is the ministry of propaganda and blm are the brownshirts.

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