Conservative vs. liberal: Are conservative views superior to liberal views?

  • Not all Conservatives are Bigots like you think.

    Just because we're not apologists for certain races, religions and ethnicities doesn't mean we hate them. Probably the only conservatives that hate blacks nowadays are alt right nazis who use /pol/. As for religions, Islam is actually intolerant of liberal ideas like feminism and diversity, Just look at some Quranic verses and the conflict in Palestine/Israel. Those are clearly liberal, aren't they.

    As for government, here's a fact: The bigger a government is, the more likely to be corrupt it is. However, despite this, a lot of liberals are in favour of a bigger government providing more services, which will lead to a generation of lazy people who can't get up and find a job that appeals to them (By the way, I do agree that you should get the job you like the most rather than the one that pays a lot.). Just look at the governments of communist countries if you want proof of bigger government being more likely to corrupt. Liberal Governments also have the worst border policies ever. Just look at Europe's Islamic immigration.

    Speaking of communism, I heard that a lot of you guys support the tamer version that is socialism. Well let me tell you something:


    Sweden only started being sucessful when it abandoned socialism in the 90's.

    As for why socialism doesn't work:

    Well, it's a long explanation but here is a quick top 5 list of the hugest reasons why socialism doesn't work:

    5. It can destroy the environment more than it helps it due to the communist mentality being "Gold should cost less than a mobile phone because it took less labor to make".

    4. Socialism makes everyone who isn't in government poor.

    3. Favors collectivism over individualism.

    2. Ends up in Corruption.

    1. Ignores Human nature.

    And that there, is why socialism doesn't work.

    Next I will talk about some of the warped views liberals have. As you've probably heard, liberals, despite being the rulers of the country, think that oppression of various minority groups by government. Examples of these include feminists, BLM supporters, SJWs and cultural relativists

    First thing is, no, women aren't actually oppressed in the West anymore, that's just a feminist lie. Second thing is, the police service aren't actually against blacks, they just happen to be the only people who get into the news because of police brutality, Also, contrary to popular belief, Michael Brown wasn't innocent, he actually threatened a store owner during a robbery on the day he was shot. It is also a fact that most police shootings are justified (including ones with black victims.). Final fact is, blacks actually commit more crimes than whites do. This is due to a combination of poverty and a low average IQ.

    As for Islam, I've already explained to death why it is a bad religion on other opinion pages but I just had to mention that Islam is intolerant of Liberal values (especially feminism and diversity.).


  • Since when was common sense racist?

    C'mon, people. Conservatism is the belief that people tend to be better at managing their own lives than bureaucrats in Washington. It's 100% true. Big government like liberals promote only ends in corruption. The free market always does better. Take socialist and communist regimes. There is not a single one that actually works. The example of Scandanavia too, for that matter. Finland is in big trouble economically and Sweden, well, Sweden's the rape capital of the Western world, not to mention a failing economy. Liberals claim we're "stuck in the past", but in reality the past is all we have to measure things. Just because we aren't sucking up to people simply because of their race, sex, or sexual orientation does not mean that Conservatives are racist. It means that we are closer to MLK's goals than Liberals. "To be judged not by the color of their skin but rather the content of their character." So we'll put less educated blacks in Ivy League schools over qualified whites SOLEY BASED OFF SKIN COLOR.

  • Stick with the rules set by our founding fathers.

    Change isn’t a good thing, why? The United States hasn’t changed any of the ammendments, even though they are hundreds of years old. We have stuck with their rules, and America is the best country because of that. We don’t change becuase the rules set are the best possible, and meant to last generations.

  • When has reform ever been inferior to conservatism?

    There are so many flaws in Republican logic, that it isn't even funny. Not to mention they aren't really with the times. I don't expect any GOP candidate to win any time soon. Especially not with California (55 electoral votes) and New York (29) being liberal. They still think global warming is a hoax even though all the facts say otherwise. They are against minorities, gays, women, non Christians, and non whites. All the children in schools are being taught the exact opposite. They are being taught that global warming is a major issue, they are being taught to be racially and sexually more accepting, and many other liberal beliefs. At the end of the day, the only way to make progress is to keep changing. Charles Darwin himself once said that the species most likely to survive is not the strongest or smartest, but the one most responsive to change.

  • Change is always superior to the past

    The foundation of conservatism is to keep things the way they are now and to take them back to the way they were historically. American history is not necessarily something we can look through and want to travel back to. Liberalism has always challenged us to look for areas where things can be changed. Without some form of liberalism America wouldn't be where it is today.

  • Conservative views hold the country back.

    The very basis of the conservative party is to stay the same. To never change, because things were never like that before. That holds back progress. We can't progress as humanity if people are afraid of change, afraid of getting out there and trying new things. Afraid of failure. We need liberal policies to assist in making the world great. We need progress or we'll be stuck in 1950 forever. New ideas may not always be the best thing, but trying and failing is better than staying the same forever.

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