Conservative vs. liberal: Do Conservative Polices Infringe On Human Rights?

  • Yes, because they're always gatekeeping.

    Conservative politics today by its very nature is meant to draw a line around what is acceptable. Liberalism, on the other hand, by its very nature and definition, is lenient about things like inclusion, so it even includes those whose opinions it hates. Conservatives take away rights when they hold to values that are outdated.

  • No, conservative policies create wealth which improves human rights.

    No, conservative policies do not infringe on human rights, because conservative policies improve the economy, which in turn improves human rights. It is unfair to blindly offer aid to other countries, without also imposing improvements to help the countries become more stable. Offering large amounts of aid without conditions leads to corruption and mismanagement. Conservatives are correct to place conditions on aid that ultimately improve the quality of life in the aided areas.

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