Conservatives and Liberals are equally liable to get 'triggered' as each other

Asked by: TheSocialist
  • I believe, in the current climate they're more similar than different

    With people like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton who are basically liberals and conservatives at the same time, and the increasingly centrist policies proposed by both liberals and conservatives, who tend to cross over in views a lot more nowadays, they're basically the same thing. And I've seen right-wingers and centre-liberals getting a lot more triggered, both of them more and more reactionary to each other's opinions. It's really quite embarrassing as someone who takes very liberal views on a lot of issues

  • Unequal Chart, Equal Chances

    The chart did seem a little biased, but they are as likely to get 'triggered' as each other. Conservatives are not everything that the chart makes them out to be, they are simply more traditional, and do not want new concepts shoved in front of them without warning. Liberals are also not everything that the chart makes them out to be, as they simply want faster advances in everything. There are evil conservatives, there are evil liberals. There are good conservatives, and there are good liberals. Basically, they are equal, and equally as likely to make the same decisions on certain subjects as the other.

  • They are totally equal liable to get 'triggered'

    Both sides: the pro-Trump alt-righters and the SJW's, have some premises from where they begin their arguments.
    For Example, one of the most used alt-righter premise
    is that now, in the western world the minorities defended by SJW's have the same rights as the whites they blame, so any request of these minorities mean demanding 'more than equality'.
    Other complain the alt-right has upon the SJW's is the
    'Leftist thinking'. They say that the SJW's just want to have welfare programs for the minorities they defend, and many times they are right because there are communist 'SJW' Facebook pages like Red and black anarchists for example.
    The premises of the SJW's are mainly opposite, that the so called opressed minorities still don't have the rights they deserve and the
    white race, the patriarchy and the islamophobic bigots are stopping those poor people from getting them.
    When we go to the extremes of the movements we find the shit on the left side and the cancer on the right side.
    On the left side we can see hate messages like 'kill male babies' or kill the bigots' or 'the white race deserves opression', aka the only point when moderate alt-right accusations reach out to be true.
    On the right side we have the REAL racists, radical Europocentrics
    and white supremacists, again the only point when moderate left, this time, accusations's can be considered true.
    Why are they are equally liable to get 'triggered', because alt-right
    ONLY the radical left, and the SJW's see ONLY radical right and real racists and fascists, so they are both wrong and right at the same time

  • Are zoos ethical

    Negative: no zoos are not ethical and they should only put animals in zoos that are endangered so they can breed the animals and breed enough that when they release them they will breed more and more and not be endangered any more or they can release all the animals and shut the zoos down.

  • Just personal experience

    In my experience most people tend to be more to the middle than any extreme. Those who are on one extreme side of the spectrum, regardless of which end, are usually more likely to see disagreement as a personal attack and fear being wrong much more than they value being right. This applies to both sides equally, which is why to use the right as an example rather than arguing about climate change bring up simply reducing pollution. With the left instead of cutting programs bring up wanting to see definitive value for tax investment. Moving the argument to a more central place makes it less likely to be seen as an attack and create a much more useful dialogue. (ie don't resort to name calling it's silly and goes nowhere)

  • Both parties have some good and some bad

    I am a liberal, and am going to say that i have seen as many extreme "triggered" liberals as extreme "triggered" conservatives. I think that many conservatives will see something promoting equality and kindness and blame it on "liberal propaganda" and "anti-trump sjw's and triggered feminists" but also, there are many liberals that will see someone being rude/mean to anyone that is a minority/woman and automatically assume that the negative action was because that the person being "rude" or mean was because the person was a minority/woman. So.... Similar problems. Seeing something that remotely reminds them of the other party and immediately calling the other party out. Of course, there are logical liberals, and logical conservatives that will collect evidence to provide for their argument and not go off making assumptions and starting Internet civil wars, but there are just as many crazy conservatives as crazy liberals.

  • Liberals Are Triggered By This Topic

    If you watch nearly any Conservative v. Liberal debate, when ever a fact against is brought up they immediately play victim and try to make it a moral issue. True Conservatives use facts to support their arguments and are generally level headed when proven wrong, unlike the more popular Liberals today. I don't deny the original Liberals and Conservatives were both about equal on 'triggering' but today most Liberals are what I like to call 'trigger happy.'

  • No,people on the Right Wing simply don't find as much stuff offensive.

    And for the things people on the right typically don't like, they just don't want shoved down their throat and especially not enforced/funded by the government.

    And it seems many people who said "YES" are appealing to the logical falicy "because A and B are anti-parallel, A and B must both be C."

  • This was wrote by a liberal

    Just the fact that all its doing is bashing conservatives on the chart and embracing liberals just shows that they are the ones lying, more than have of the things on the chart about conservatives are just not true, hell even some of the liberal things on there are wrong because they are sugar coated to make the liberals good guys, let a third party write this and see where the points stand.

  • Faulty Ideological Equivocation

    The Fringe Left has effectively captured the institutions of higher learning and transformed them into ideological forts and factories for the express purpose of political indoctrination and they coined the term triggered, which has resulted in full blown courses and curriculum (https://www.Uww.Edu/learn/improving/aboutdiversity/approachdiversity/triggers) to propagate this intellectual hoax and legitimize their ideological equivalent of Mutawwi (Saudi Arabia's Islamic religious police) or Stasi (East German secret police) on campus to root out heretics and dissidents. The forum's resident Socialist, embarrassed somewhat by his ideological comrades, has falsely attempted to create a parity with political opponents on the Right complete with a frivolous chat of meaningless platitudes expressing a childlike message (liberal good, conservative bad) while failing to note this topic alone shatters most of those supposedly liberal virtues.

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