CONSERVATIVES: Do you think that the ideology of liberalism should be banned out of US politics?

Asked by: sophiejohnson024
  • Liberals destroy this country and conservatism is the only ideology to fit into the US in order to make this country better.

    Conservatism is the only ideology that can make the US function. Liberalism will destroy the US. If liberalism was banned out of US politics, then this country will work again. The economy, healthcare system, and social values are down because of liberalism. All we need to do is ban the things that liberalism has done to this country and fit conservative values.

  • Liberals are bad

    Liberals are bad because they do not agree with me and called me a nazi facists on my minecraft server. This is why i banned any liberals from there but now they attack me on roblox. I say we get rid of all these libtards lmao ecks dee gamers unite

  • We should just kill all liberals

    We need to round up all liberals and put them down with a firing squad for treason I say we label liberals terrorist and hunt them down like we do to them filthy dogs in the middle east. Make America great again and round up liberals they have no place here also we need to take out the rothchild family while we are at it.

  • Liberalism vs Patriotism

    I have watched some of the most despicable, low down, criminal, unethical, immoral, dis functional, anti-american, treasonous, most vile NEO-LIBERAL, FASCIST behavior ever!!! I watched hillary clinton do anything and everything possible to keep liberals in power, the DNC and all democrats showed their true side and continue to divide this country at every turn! There is a daily, minute by minute, every second of every minute of every hour of every day a liberal propaganda machine spewing out lies, racism, anti american, anti white, anti progress of any kind, the libetal propaganda machine will not stop until liberals achieve through lying, cheating, violence, criminality, and propaganda media what they cannot achieve politically! I have never seen this level of anti american activity in my 45 years!!! Liberals will stop at nothing to undo their loss in 2016! Liberals will watch this country burn before letting this president win any kind of victory!! If they cannot find an impeachable crime they will try and assassinate President Donald J Trump i have no doubt in my mind!!! And it will spark a new American civil war!! Its quite disturbing how out of touch with reality the left really is!!! Its scary how convinced liberals are of their own moral superiority!!!! Liberals truly believe they are never wrong and their liberal agenda must be achieved at any cost!!! I want it outlawed and all crimes by most liberals punished and i want hillary clinton in prison! I want obama tried for treason and crimes against the constitution! I want term limits for all!!! I want all federal employees... The american peoples employees.... To make federal minimum wage like we the people do!!! I want history protected no matter what shameful monument liberals and democrats erected and now wanna white wash it!!!! I want an end to politically correct bullshit! Im sick of liberals telling America what it can and cant say!! Im sick of liberals telling America what is ok to think!!! And im fuc&ing sick of the morally bankrupt, hypocritical, criminal, anti american, treasonous liberals acting like their the moral voice of america! Liberals have been exposed for what they are and we need to act now!!!

  • They think for only themselves and not the people

    When was it the norm to completely ignore the people you are supposed to represent. They only act on what is in there interests and noting more. The current state our government is an example of the school yard tactics they embrace. Immigration is a sore subject with many people when they know of individuals who whet through the system correctly, yet we are supposed to treat the ones who do not equally. That will never happen... Abolish sanctuary cities that harbor individuals that do not obey our laws and be done with it.

  • Liberals destroy things

    Liberals destroy things, like a safe country, Allowing Illegal immigration is both a drain on the economy and a safety issue. The same applies to bringing in 500000 Muslims who according to their dogma, are diabolically opposed to our way of life, we don't know who they are or anything about them, so why?

  • Not banned, but ignored.

    Todays liberals are not the same political animal as those who fought for civil rights years ago. It used to be about ending injustices, promoting equal rights. Now it's about creating racism, demanding inequality in favor of every race, nationality, religion other than that of the majority. Rebels without a cause, looking for excuses to create them, and to the point of belligerently defying common sense. I grew up with the old liberals, they were good people. Todays liberals remind me of...Well... Brats.

  • Government is and should be dependent on the idea of checks and balances, this contradicts that idea in the most abhorrent way possible.

    The fundamental tenet of our government is the concept of checks and balances, this applies not only to the institution that's doing the governing but also to the citizens and organizations interacting with it. I'm a conservative, but I recognize the need for a healthy political balance. In the late 1800's it was liberals fighting against the institution of slavery and fighting what we now recognize as a fundamental right, equality. Meanwhile democratic state legislatures in southern states oppressed African Americans with Jim Crow laws. It was the liberal economic policies of FDR in addition to World War II that brought America out of the worst depression in history. This country is a democracy. Here you are entitled to rights, principle among these is the right to disagree with others and in the act of "banning liberalism" you trample on this right and disavow the principles that gives me the right to disagree with you and vice versa. We shouldn't think of politics as left or right or blue and red, but as an area where we voice our concerns, combine our ideas and then do something about them.

  • This country was founded on the idea of checks and balances, this applies not only to government but to all who involve themselves in it.

    There are several reasons to oppose this. For starters,the UD was founded upon the the ideology of checks and balances, this applies not only to government but also to those who participate with it in any shape, form or fashion. I'm a conservative but the resolution is false in so many ways. Think back to the eras of reconstruction and the civil war. Conservative southern democrats upheld the institution of slavery while the more liberal abolitionists, the likes if John Brown, fought against the injustice that was so plain to see. It was the liberal economic policies of FDR that, in addition to the Second World War, brought America out of the worst financial collapse in human history. In your argument you say we need to eliminate liberalism from our politics. The only metric by which one can define liberalism is by defining conservatism, a lofty and probably impossible mission considering some of the social policies of the Tories in Britain would be considered liberal across the pond. This country would certainly benefit from more conservative policies but government should be dependent on robust, impassioned and intelligent debate and in order to achieve such a goal you need to have more than one side arguing.

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