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Conservatives if a private entity was a gun free zone would you respect the property owner's wishes and not enter their property armed?

Asked by: Angiex0
  • Sure, Their property,

    We live in a society where we're supposed to respect other people's property. If I don't like their rules, I don't have to go on their property. People have a legal right in who they admit or turn away from their property. Doesn't matter if it's a school or a home.

  • Yes I would keep off their property

    I'm very much pro freedom so if a private entity chooses to not allow guns on their private property they should absolutely have the freedom to do so and I would never choose to disrespect their private property rights. I would just go elsewhere. Interested in seeing conservatives thoughts on private property rights since they're usually the ones claiming to support private property rights ebbed though I've seen in other places (like yahoo answers when asking this same question) that they don't actually support them.

  • Of course. I would just not go there.

    Personally I think people should be allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason. That being said putting a "gun free zone" sign on your store is a political statement not a security measure and I typically don't endorse buisnesses that go put of their way to be politically boystrous when its not my politics.

  • This Is America

    This is America, There are no "gun free" zones in this Country. Just liberal snowflakes who are too sensitive to see people exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry as enshrined by the Constitution. Thanks to anti gun propaganda and fear mongering from the leftist run lamestream media. If you can't stand seeing Americans carry, Grow a pair or move to canada.

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