Consider Prine Harry's recent remarks. Do they prove that the Royal Family is prone to racism?

  • Prine Harry's Remarks

    I personally think that There can be little doubt that the Prince would only make such remarks if they were frequently employed by those around him and thus formed part of a conversational norm in his imagination. Even if his actions can be put down to naivety and ignorance then the blame still lies within his family for not correctly informing him of the impact and severity of such words.

  • Intended or not

    Whatever the Prince’s original intentions, neither he nor Clarence House
    can shy away from the fact that such remarks are undeniably racist and
    unacceptable. Whilst his friend Ahmed Raza Khan may not have been
    offended, Prince Harry fails to realise he is a highly influential
    global actor and that such comments would be exceptionally offensive to
    many in the international community.

  • One Cannot Judge an Entire Family on One Bad Sheep

    Prince Harry's racist comments were insensitive and downright wrong. He apologized for them. Everyone makes mistakes, and the young prince has made a lot of them. However, one cannot judge an entire family based upon one black sheep. Prince William is a model prince. Of course, he's also heir to the throne which means Prince Harry can afford to be a bit more rough around the edges. Not everyone in the British Monarchy is as uncouth as Prince Harry.

  • Harry A Wild Card

    I believe Prince Harry has always been a wild card and he more than likely always will be. I believe Prince Harry is an upstanding young man and he deserves respect, but his mistakes are aired publicly because of his status. I do not believe his actions prove anything about other members of the Royal family.

  • He is just a kid.

    No, I do not think that Prince Harry's recent remarks show that the Royal Family is prone to racism, because he is just a kid who said some things that he shouldn't have said. If what each of us said was recorded every day, there would be things you could find that are silly and controversial, too.

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