Considering all pros and cons, would you say video games to more good than harm?

  • They're not the problem. It is the player.

    Video games themselves are merely an art form, a tool. There are also many diverse ones for each person's personal taste. So we cannot really say they are all a mindless escape for someone. Some of them like Bioshock or Sims are artistic and provide a deeper thought provoking process. This is because unlike movies, we are given choices as to how we play and can even change the ending.

    Now for some people the game is like alcohol. Is it bad to have a drink? No. But some people just can't handle having one and some may become alcoholics. W need to take into account what the specific game has in it and what is being presented to the player as well as how much they are dependent on it. Some people may handle some games well, but not others.

    For instance, it would be unwise to have someone who is depressed and bullied to play Grand Theft Auto. That game inspires nothing but violence and adult humor. This could hurt them by providing a negative influence on both their gaming and their real self. Either play something else or do not play at all. I ask you to check this link out .

    Another thing we have to take into account is the stereotype of video games being only for boys. When games like Pong came out, it was for the whole family. Then video games took a decline over the years. When Nintendo released their new system, they decided to move it from the electronics section into the toys section in stores.

    But as you can see, toy sections are typically split into two parts: boys and girls. Nintendo had to choose a side. They chose boy, and they marketed directly to them with action games. This marketing tactic is still used today. This not only hurts the companies sales by not touching a mostly untapped market for gender neutral or female focused games, but it is demeaning and enforces a stereotype for females. I myself am a boy, but me and my best friend Annie like to play console games. Please stop enforcing this stereotype. Your company will get more money, and women will feel less oppressed.

    Thanks for reading. God bless.

  • A new art

    Video games are a new form of art, and when people indicate that they don't take the games seriously, this just means that they are afraid or confused. People have feared new art forms and considered them trash for the entirety of human history, and video games are the newest example.

  • Video Games Do More Good than Harm

    Video Games can give off quicker responses, and also kids are more social. Hand-eye coordination is enhanced, and they also learn strategy, how to follow directions better, anticipation, pattern recognition, management of resources, judging the situation, fine motor skills, and they are a learning experience! They can hook kids into a world of learning.

  • Video games are not the problem.

    Video games have been an American hobby since PONG first was released and video arcades sprang up. The games themselves are just entertainment. They offer an outlet or distraction to someone that may not be able to play kickball due to snow or some other such barrier. In moderation, video games can be educational and increase hand/eye coordination. The content provided in video games and the parents that purchase inappropriate content for their children are the real issue.

  • All things considered, video games do more harm than good.

    While video games offer entertainment (and it's always important to keep the masses entertained so they don't start rioting), overall, they likely cause more harm than good. When young people play video games for hours on end, they have the chance to become disillusioned, such as thinking its okay to beat up a hooker and steal her money (a la Grand Theft Auto). It also limits physical activity, which is vital to the fight against obesity.

  • Video games do more harm than good.

    Although they do have some good points,video games do more harm than good.They tend to discourage kids from getting exercise so it contributes to abunch of overweight kids.It also distracts people from any kind of work or school assignments they may need to have completed and even takes away from certain social relationships.

  • People could do other things.

    No, considering all pros and cons, I would not say that video games do more good than harm, because most people are not playing any kind of productive game when they are playing video games. Video games are like junk food. They just do not do anything that is helpful or positive. They are only for fun, when we could be doing other things.

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