Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims that the Jewish Mafia wants to hurt Americans: Is this racist?

  • Yes, it is.

    Jewish people are considered a race. To create a fictional identity related to a race of people and then to spread rumors and lies about it is racist. It is a form of oppression, it is prejudicial, and it is descrimintory. It is a way of singling out a group of people based on characteristics they do not possess.

  • No, Jewish is not a race.

    This is not racist, because Jewish is not a race. It is a religion. Whether or not Alex Jones' view shows hatred towards the Jewish religion is debatable depending on what information and proof he has to support his belief. However, to answer the question of whether or not his view is racist, I do not believe it is.

  • No, not racist.

    While Alex Jones has said many other racist things, I do not believe this particular statement (or question) is racist. It seems he is just making one of his conspiracy theorist observations by saying that the Jewish Mafia wants to hurt Americans. It would be racist if he, himself was making this statement in the first person.

  • A conspiracy theory about any certain group is not necessarily racist

    No, claims of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that the Jewish Mafia wants to hurt Americans are not necessarily racist. This particular theory may be about one group, but another theory may involve another race or culture. It seems like equal opportunity conspiracy. If true, then it's a bad deal. If not, then it's just another wild theory.

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