Constitution lets the Electoral College choose the winner: Should we get rid of the Electoral College?

  • The Electoral College is an anachronism of slavery

    The Electoral College is an anachronism of slavery where a black man was worth 3/5 of a white man because the southern states wanted to count their property has 'citizens'. I guess women black or white didn't count at all.

    Used to have Electoral College for Senators and that has been changed. There are only 2 split states, all the rest are 'winner take all'.

    A 2 stage election process that would replace primaries & general election is one way. There are many different ways.But Stalin say who counts the votes decides. :(

  • Yes, the Electoral College should be abolished

    Abolishing the Electoral College would give every vote an equal chance. It is very frustrating for many people to know that their vote will not count because the state they happen to live in gives it's Electoral College votes to a candidate they don't want. The President should be elected by a popular vote, and every vote should count.

  • The Electoral College is dated and irrelevant.

    While the Constitution currently lets the Electoral College decide on the winner of the election, the system is dated and no longer relevant to the contemporary society we live in. I think that eliminating the system and replacing it with one that is more modern and more accurately reflects America today would prove to be a positive step forward for our country's democratic system.

  • The electoral college is a flawed system.

    It's a HUUGE mistake, as the electoral college's president elect would say. This is the second time in 16 years that the will of the people was not obeyed. Supporters of the EC will say that we are a republic. This is true; we elect senators and house representatives to vote for us, though it is with a popular vote system. Funny, that... There is no reason for the electoral college to be any different.

    Secondly, the EC uses a winner-take-all system. This means that candidates focus on swing states and ignore the rest of the country, which is about 70% of the country. This is a major flaw that cannot be refuted. It also does not protect small states, unlike people claim. Montana, Wyoming, Maine, Delaware, DC, Idaho, both Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska and many more are all ignored. Of course, many large states are ignored too, as explained before.

    Finally, the electoral college was created for a different purpose than it serves today. It was created because under a popular vote system, blacks wouldn't count, as they couldn't vote at the time. With the electoral college, the south could inflate their population count by counting blacks as 3/5 of a person while not actually having a greater voting population. It was also created as a barrier against popular rule, perhaps a charismatic but terrible candidate. Instead, electors vote how their state votes. Our president-to-be is the exact opposite of what the original EC intended. Of course, people will tell you that it was created for a reason; that the wise founding fathers made it. But is everything they do neccessarily good? Jefferson might have done it with his slave, Jefferson OWNED SLAVES, Hamilton got into a sex scandal, many founding fathers supported slavery and the 3/5 rule, and on and on and on.

    In conclusion, the EC is not supported by the argument that we are a republic, it disenfranchises 70% of the population, and does not do what it was intended to do.

  • We live in a representative republic, not a democracy.

    We don't live in a democracy. Democracy is three foxes and a chicken voting on what's for dinner. The purpose of the electoral college is to prevent "majority tyranny." Some say that it contradicts the popular vote and isn't the will of the people. Yes that's the exact point! Well we don't live in a democracy, we have a representative republic. Clinton won the popular vote by running up the score in heavily democrat areas like New York City and California. If you subtract San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City, then Trump won the popular vote by over 3 million! Without the electoral college, elections would be dominated by a few populous coastal cities and voters and issues in so-called "flyover" countries would be completely disregarded. With it, rural states have a much more equitable voice in national elections.

  • No, we should not get rid of the Electoral College

    No, we should not get rid of the Electoral College. It was set up for a very good reason and should be respected and used. The founding fathers, in their wisdom set up the Electoral College to ward off the very tyranny from which they had worked so hard to free themselves. It is intended to thwart those who might manipulate the voting public in order to get themselves into a power position and then eliminate freedoms.

  • It serves a purpose.

    The people that live in the Midwest think that the electoral college is invaluable to making their voices heard. For the United States to work, it's impractical to ignore the hard working people in the countryside in favor of only the people who live in cities. The electoral college makes sure that each person has a voice and the voice is heard.

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