Consumption tax: Is a consumption tax a good idea?

  • A consumption tax is a good idea!

    Consumption tax would be a fair tax because no matter how much you make you still have to pay for what you consume. This idea also has environmental benefits. Because consumers and producers would want their products to last longer.Overall I think that if income tax was abolished and we,here in the United States had this system. It would benefit us for the better.

  • Consumption taxes are fair

    Consumption taxes, better known as "sin taxes" are usually levied on items like tobacco, alcohol, and other non-essential, discretionary purchases and some luxury items. This works because the consumers of the product pay the tax. What could be fairer? This is true tax accountability as the general public does not have to foot the bill for things they don't want to consume.

  • A consumption tax is a good idea.

    Yes, a consumption tax is a good idea because it is better than an income tax. An income tax is bad because all it does it take a portion of you income. All a consumption tax does is take money from you only when you buy, so if you save money, you don't get taxed, so it encourages saving.

  • Pay money you've already been taxed on again?

    A consumption tax is one of those things that looks good in theory, but eventually, some politico will look at the balance sheet, and say, "Hmm, we're taxing this, but not that. Tax the latter option," and then something else will be taxed. For example, I buy Product A. Product A has no consumption tax... Wait, legislation. This would cause a decrease in the demand for Product A, because of the increased price. This will cause the entire industry to lose money. A substitute will probably be found, to rub salt in the wound. Nice job breaking it, guys.

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