Contraception for the purpose of reducing overpopulation: does the diffusion of contraceptives empower women with choice?

  • It is better that way.

    Contraceptives empower women with choice and I think there is nothing wrong with that. Contraception would help lots of women make wise choices. It would also prevent over-population in long run. If people are not ready to kids then it would definitely give choice of what they want to do.

  • People Are Not Going To Stop Having Sex

    Why would you not want the most options available for couples to protect themselves from pregnancy? I get many people think it is a sin to have sex before they get married. To bad it is 2013 and most people end up having sex before the get married. It only makes sense in the world we live in, to provide many choices for couples to protect themselves. Not only to prevent over population but to prevent children from being born in poverty. It also takes some of the burden off the health care system.

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