Contraception for the purpose of reducing overpopulation: Is the world experiencing a population crisis?

  • Yes the Chinese and Indians

    The chinese and indians are a scourge of this planet. Those cocksuckers have done nothing useful to society, they just fucked and fucked and fucked. Now there are over 3 billion of them, and if they all were never here, the worlds problems would be solved. They should have used rubber, but I think that educated Europeans and Americans would not be able to have any contraception because of their excessive fucking and population.

  • The world is overpopulated

    The world is experiencing a population crisis. The world is too overfilled and not enough people use contraception during sex which leads to more children who end up getting put up for adoption and not well taken care of. There are not enough jobs for the amount of people out there.

  • Population Growth is a Threat to the Environment

    The earth cannot support the number of people currently on the planet, especially as more and more people demand access to consumer goods such as cars and large homes. The demand for food, power, and goods is stressing current resources to the limit. Symptoms of this stress include global warming, depletion of ground water, and increased smog.

  • Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred. World population should expand freely, naturally, be encouraged to grow "wildly out of control."

    More and more people would be glad to live.

    Surely there must be some way for parents to go on enjoying having their precious darling babies, in a world of now so many "burgeoning billions." Aha! But there is. Where can we put billions more people? Where we always have. In between all the people already living. What we really need is a denser planet. More places with lots of people and fewer places far from people.

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