Contraception prescriptions for under-aged girls: Is it an imperative health precaution to provide sexually active children with contraceptives?

Contraception prescriptions for under-aged girls: Is it an imperative health precaution to provide sexually active children with contraceptives?
  • It prevents other issues that come with sexual active children

    Yes, I believe that sexually active children should be given contraceptives. Providing contraceptives is not condoning the sexual activity, but it is stopping an unwanted pregnant of a minor. This in itself will aggravate the problem to the next level. Sexual education should also be given with the issuance of contraceptives.

  • Yes because it prevents both disease and pregnancy and shouldn't be limited to just girls/women.

    First sexually active people are not children. Once a person is sexually active they are really no longer children as children are innocent. They may not be adults but they are certainly no longer children. We have artificially lengthened childhood. In days before modern times it was not unusual for 13 and 14 year olds to be married. Boys 12 and younger were often working full time (my Dad was working in the mines (1920's) when he was 12). He was forced to drop out of school to get a job to help support the family. I believe if we're going to allow young people to be exposed to a sexual society it is unfair not to arm them with contraceptives, sexual education and other things to keep them safe and without unwanted children. My sexual education consisted of being told if I got pregnant not to bother coming home. Young people can be given the tools to resist becoming sexual before they want to but not through abstinence only programs (which are often unrealistic in their approaches). They need to be taught the feelings they will encounter during kissing and touching and how to stop when they want to. Both sexes need to accept the responsibility for both contraception and the progression of sexual exploration. Young ladies need to be able to say NO and stand their ground. Young men also need this ability (many young men say they really didn't want to engage in sex but felt pressured). We must arm our young with the knowledge to control what happens to them.

  • Absolutely- this is a given.

    The ONLY thing proven to reduce the numbers of STD and pregnancy among teenagers is a combination of comprehensive sex education in schools and ready access to affordable contraception. It is both naive and ignorant to think that there is any way to stop teenagers from having sex, and restricting contraceptive access to only "mature" teens as some groups suggest just makes the problem worse- the immature ones are not going to stop having sex due to a lack of contraception, and they were the ones least likely to use it in the first place.

    Trying to deny safe, reliable, affordable contraception to teenagers just shoots our society in the foot- it creates a generation with increased numbers of teen mothers on public assistance, and increases the incidence of abortion and disease.

  • Well, of course!

    Teenagers are going to have sex. This is an indisputable fact, and as such, the health community needs to protect under-aged teenagers from making a mistake that will alter the course of their lives (unless they believe in abortion, but many don't for religious reasons, so you can't solely resort to that). Very few people actually want to have their child pregnant before they have the proper levels of maturity and financial backing, and just as few teens actually want to have children at that age. It is therefore an imperative health precaution to provide sexually active children with contraceptives.

  • Is making such a thing imperative not providing encouragement toward the activity to be gaurded against?

    It is indeed necessary that such provision be there for worst case scenario of willful children. But to make provision for contraception in the absence of anything to do with the mental attitude of the child regarding such a thing is to leave the child to fend for themselves amongst the damnable consequences of ignorance giving birth to actions beyond the scope of youthful experience

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Forthelulz says2015-06-01T18:50:49.607
If the children are sexually active, something's gone horribly wrong.
Well, that, or we're one big game of FATAL.
Neither prospect is comforting.