Contraception prescriptions for under-aged girls: Should doctors be given the right of judgment on these matters?

  • A doctor has to use their own judgement.

    A doctor has to be free to use their own judgement when taking care of their patients. This has always been the case. A lot of a doctors work includes guessing. They treat a symptom assuming it is one thing. If that does not work, a doctor will often try something else. The situation of birth control is no different. It is better for a doctor to prescribe birth control for an under-aged girl now than to have her pregnant with a baby a few months later.

  • Doctors shouldnt invade privacy.

    Doctors should not be given the right of judgment as far as contraception prescriptions go for under aged girls. It is just common now that minors are engaged in sexual activity. If they want to get prescribed contraception I think it is a good idea in order to prevent teenage pregnancy and doctors should not be able to form their own opinions on the matter .

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