Contraception prescriptions for under-aged girls: Will providing contraceptives to underage women condone sexual activity?

  • Yes, it sends the wrong message.

    Yes, providing contraceptives to underage women condones sexual activity, because it tells the young girls that their behavior is acceptable. Instead, children should know that they will face consequences for being sexually active at a young age, and they should be told that it is not something they should be doing until they are an adult.

  • Contraceptives does not condone sexual activity

    Contraceptives for underage girls does not condone sexual activity. In fact, it promotes sexual activity and gives underage girls the idea that they can sleep around with whoever they want and that there are no consequences. Contraceptive prescriptions should be banned for underage girls and should be sold for adults only!

  • Stop saying this.

    As a girl under 18, I know how this goes in the lives of young girls. Generally speaking, teenagers tend to have sex with other teenagers, and quite often do so without contraceptives. I have friends who, even on the pill, still use condoms because they are worried about the consequences of sex and want to take responsible steps towards avoiding them. We are told harshly and often how terrible it is for us to have sex, and it causes guilt and anxiety in many of us for wanting it in the first place.
    So I want to know, why do you think contraceptives should be limited to adults? When we know that these young girls are (and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN) having sex, then why would we not protect them in any way possible. It's been proven time and time again that education about and access to contraception decreases pregnancy and STI rates, thus decreasing consequences.
    There's a thinking that exists, where it is assumed that protection leads to less fear leads to more sex. And maybe it's true that there's a little more sex going on. But sex is a part of our biology and our culture that will not disappear any time soon, and if you have enough of a problem with it to try and get rid of it all together, then banning contraceptives is not the right way to go.

  • Safety and Liberty.

    Providing contraception for people under the age of 18 is important because it helps to protect our young from sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, and helps them be in control of their bodies. As for condoning sexual acticities, it does not do this, in the same way that preventative safety measures such as seatbelts or an airbag encourage people to crash, it simply provides protection in a tough scenario.

    And even if women were deciding to engage in sexual activities because of contraception being available, this should be acceptable because each person has the right to soveriegn control over their body, and it is not the place of anyone else to control or shame what people do to their own body.

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