• Yes, it is.

    Roasting a turkey takes longer than some of the other methods of cooking a Turkey, but it results in a healthier, more flavorful bird. It is quite tasty and it is proof that takeing your time and moving slowly results in a better product, and that speeding up results in cheap junk.

  • It is tried and true.

    People are always coming up with new ways to cook a turkey. This is for entertainment. In the end, the old ways of cooking a turkey are the best. It's important to always use a meat thermometer. In the end, this method of cooking produces the most even, juiciest turkey that everyone likes.

  • Roasting is the best turkey cooking method

    There is nothing quite like a delicious juicy roasted turkey. Although turkey can be cooked many different ways, roasting brings out the flavor better than any other method. Properly roasted, the flavor and texture of turkey is at its peak. Whether roasted with dressing, various spices, or simply in natural juices, roasting is the best.

  • No, roasting does not produce the best turkey.

    It is my belief, based on several years of experience cooking my own Thanksgiving turkeys, that roasting, although a perfectly sufficient cooking method, does not produce the most flavorful meat. Method like deep frying and smoking lock in more flavor. Smoking especially allows for unique flavor, combining the smoke itself with any number of rubs and seasonings applied to the turkey's skin.

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