Cop drives grieving man 100 miles to be with his family: Do the police get a bad rap?

  • Cops get a bad rap

    Currently, police officers get a bad rap. People see images of protesters on television, and forget all the good cops do to help protect society. Many have the best intentions, and work to serve their communities. They respond to all kinds of situations, frequently putting themselves in danger on order to make people safe.

  • Police are here to protect and serve, and they do it well

    I read an article in the New York Times that followed a number of policemen "on the beat" as they patrolled their precincts. Many of the cops commented on how they are perceived differently given the rise of police brutality incidents. However, if a cop can drive a suffering man 100 miles to rejoin his family, it proves that a few bad apples can't spoil the whole bunch.

  • No, finally a cop who understands what his job really is.

    What a beautiful story. I truly believe for every bad cop, there are hundreds of good ones - we just don't read about them. It's so refreshing that a good cop came along in his time of need and went out of his way to get him to his destination safely.

  • No, the complaints are legitimate.

    Most cops are good at their job and try to do what's right. This officer is a good example of that. However, the recent anti-cop sentiment is in regard to specific cases where certain cops have committed crimes and other cops have defended them instead of holding them accountable. I think that many people, especially those in law enforcement, mistake the legitimate complaints of civilians as condemnations of all police officers, and that creates a divide between civilians and law enforcement.

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