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  • No. There isnt enough information circulation.

    No, I do not see the value of Copa America 2016 as I do not know much of the context. If the news media, or general advertisement for this event, was more prominent in popular mediums for news, such as TV commercials or billboard postings, then I would have more knowledge and, in turn, investment in the soccer tournament. The specific teams, their nationalities, the bracket listings, and even the timing of the event is lost to me without these important sources.

  • No, I am not interested in soccer.

    After attempting to follow men's soccer for the past year as a writer, I am still uninterested in the sport. While it is interesting that the United States will be a host country during this tournament for the very first time in its history, it does not increase my interest in Copa América.

  • No, I take some issue with the popularity of men's sports as opposed to women's.

    In part, my lack of interest is borne from the fact that I never grew up with sports; my choice of entertainment from a young age has often been fiction, both books and television alike. Additionally, the respect provided to men's sports over women's is incredibly off-putting; that male players and male teams are valued so highly over their female counterparts speaks, to me, of cultural trends that privilege masculinity. I find it difficult to be swept up in the energy that cheers and screams and cries for male success when the fervor for female sports is met with, at best, disinterest and, at worst, something closer to scorn.

  • No, I`m not a fan.

    One thing most people don't realize is that this is only like a friendly tournament. Winning it won't give you any FIFA prestige (playing confederate cup for example) and it won't be added to Copa America winners list. It's basically, a tournament made up to celebrate 100 years and make money, of course.

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