• Cops are evil

    Cops are criminals with badges and they steal tax money.

    I can defend myself against criminals and cops. So cops are unnecessary. Also remove all taxes and f**k the government. The government thinks we are their slaves, But we're not. And we will kill the government and all cops working with the government should die.

  • Kill them cops we can do it ourselves

    I feel like jumping the fun pita, But have you ever wondered how mandarin frogs eat the punishment that they deserve or are teaches allowed to but only if you legalize weed same sex marriage is chick-fil-a a sin i should know i invented donald trump and i feel that being gay is gay

  • They hate black people.

    Police take their jobs so serious in a killing way and its not right for police to kill inncent people for no reason so they should die cause i hate police they not doing their jobs they act like it but there not they might be on drugs like you never know.

  • Cops Chose Their Jobs

    Cops aren't like soldiers, They signed up to die so they might as well die, Since many choose to kill others, And get away with it. Police departments are corrupt and need to be shut down, For the sake of others. Now I need to fill up the word requirement.

  • Cops are capitalist pigs who do nothing but smite those who get in their way.

    As a result of these factors, Many investors were eager to invest, At any valuation, In any dot-com company, Especially if it had one of the Internet-related prefixes or a ". Com" suffix in its name. [15] Venture capital was easy to raise. Investment banks, Which profited significantly from initial public offerings (IPO), Fueled speculation and encouraged investment in technology. [16] A combination of rapidly increasing stock prices in the quaternary sector of the economy and confidence that the companies would turn future profits created an environment in which many investors were willing to overlook traditional metrics, Such as the price–earnings ratio, And base confidence on technological advancements, Leading to a stock market bubble. [11] Between 1995 and 2000, The Nasdaq Composite stock market index rose 400%. [15] It reached a price–earnings ratio of 200, Dwarfing the peak price–earnings ratio of 80 for the Japanese Nikkei 225 during the Japanese asset price bubble of 1991. [11] In 1999, Shares of Qualcomm rose in value by 2, 619%, 12 other large-cap stocks each rose over 1, 000% value, And seven additional large-cap stocks each rose over 900% in value. Even though the Nasdaq Composite rose 85. 6% and the S&P 500 Index rose 19. 5% in 1999, More stocks fell in value than rose in value as investors sold stocks in slower growing companies to invest in Internet stocks. [17]

  • Yes cuz i said so

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  • What the hell? Of course not!

    I am usually relatively professional in my arguments, But this actually pisses me off. Yes, There are bad shoots. Some might be intentional, Some might not be. People have to remember that cops have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world; they can easily die any day. They are also the folks that help us by keeping us safe, Gibing assistance, & keeping a good community. It is stupidly absurd to say that a cop should be killed for a bad shoot. If it was a murder, Than that person will receive a sentence like any other person. Dumbasses of this world are so narrow-minded & ungrateful; I want to punch every single person who says that cops should be killed. And let me tell you something! If a policeman had full knowledge that he/she would die, But saved an innocent life, Than I bet you that cop would gladly save that life. God bless our law enforcement.

  • No! NEVER! >:(

    The police help keep us safe, And enforce laws. If the police weren't allowed, Everything would be in utter chaos! Many people would die because there were no police to stop the bad guys before they killed someone! Remember this the next time you think about this topic, And thank the police officers who help keep us safe.

  • Cops should stay alive.

    They are the ones protecting us, So why should they be killed. They are the ones that saves and helps people, Maybe not in America but in Canada, They are the best. I like our police officers they protect and serve the population and they show the example to youngers.

  • They save our lives and bring justice.

    They stop bad people and kill the people who are killers. People who say cops should die is wrong they save people but we have to be careful who we hire to be a cop. Cops are good some times other times they kill on perpouse and don't care about it thats it

  • Without law enforcement

    How are we going to have order in this country. Yes policemen make mistakes and yes they should be punished, But death shouldn't be the answer for every case. We also shouldn't go out seeking to kill them also. If someone is killed then the officer should be tried. NOT KILLED.

  • This is a stupid argument

    Police are needed to create a balanced and controlled environment. But the system can be changed. Killing people who have families and people they care about is pretty extreme. Yeah, They do stupid stuff all the time but over 50% have our best interest in mind. People shouldn't be killed.

  • Not all cops are bad

    Not all cops do bad things like being racist and and rape and kill. Lets try to remember two wrongs never make a right. If you hate injustice than being unjust back makes you just as bas as the people you hate. In order to improve a situation you must be rational not impulsive. Never hate your enemy it affects your judgment.

  • It is bad

    So basically killing cops is bad and evil cause they help us and killing people how to help us is good and killing good people is bad. And it is awesome to not kill cops. Alacadabra is awesome like you are a frog and like aewsr asmr lko d s s d d

  • Cops are Good

    Cops shouldn't be killed because they help others save their life in a murder scene. They are always nice to others and concern with everyone's safety here in America. They help bring stuff back from robberies. They wear cool uniforms with badges and have really good equipment in their sleeves.

  • Cops restore and maintain order

    We need people that are experts in the legal field in dealing with incidents and defense. Our nations need peacekeepers to publicly defend free speech and have the force to defend it well. Also, Federal employees shouldn't be killed just because they chose to serve our community and enforce our laws.

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