Cornell students hold cry-in as a response to the results of the election: Was this an appropriate response, given the circumstances?

  • Cornell Students Hold Appropriate Election Response

    Appropriate responses to an unwanted election outcome include peaceful protests and demonstrations. These are appropriate reactions as they do not cause harm to other citizens and promote discussion and transparency surrounding an idea. These kinds of reactions are deemed appropriate and protected by our constitution in The United State of America.

  • Yes, this was an appropriate response, given the circumstances.

    Yes, this was an appropriate response, given the circumstances because it gave them the attention they wanted. We need to protest the Trump administration and all of the people he wants to put in power. While it might seem childish, there is really nothing we can do but protest for four years.

  • No, holding a cry-in as a response to not getting your choice is not a proper response.

    I understand being upset and potentially even crying for not getting what you want, but holding a potentially peaceful protest to cry because you didn't get your way is in no way a proper way to act. These students are adults and just because they didn't get their way doesn't require a cry-in.

  • Tears are met with tissues and reduced sensitivity.

    No I disagree, I don't think that holding a cry-in is an appropriate response. While protesting and exercising ones constitutional rights to free speech is on of pillars of the American ideal; I think the way in which you exercise your speech should match or resound with what you are protesting. In the case of Trump winning the election, Democrats who are already viewed as overly sensitive liberals, only reinforce the right wings view of the democrats. I believe there would have been a better way to get their point across with another time of protest.

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