Corporal punishment in the families!!! Yes or No?

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  • A fifty-fifty opinion

    If there was a "maybe" option besides the two"YES" and "NO", then I would have definitely picked "MAYBE" because corporal punishments does have its cons and pros like everything else. And there are certain boundaries and convenience in the type of situations if parents wish to use corporal punishments in disciplining their children. First of all, are corporal punishments effective? Do they leave serious psychological effects to the children? Are they appropriate in the first place? Again, it depends. My parents used to spank me when I was a young child since I was quite a handful to deal with, what with the wild tantrums and naughty ways but when I think without it, I might not be the person I am today. My parents don't hit me until they leave a mark on my skin or anything. They were merely light taps on the hand or the arm but it was enough to get me straightening out my mistakes and make me listen and obey. Of course, I'm not sure how other parents use this punishment at home. But I will say one thing, if they see that these kind of punishments won't be effective all on their children or could possibly worsen the situation, then it is best to avoid it and choose another tactic. Also, I don't think it is suitable to implement corporal punishments toward teenagers because for the same reasons I have mentioned above. Teenagers are a bit complicated and sometimes quite delicate, so parents must tread on carefully using other tactics like giving advices (proper ones), have a good talk with their teens and so on. So again, corporal punishments are effective but at certain situations and on certain individuals. Your opinions are very much welcome.

  • Corporal punishment really

    First of all I am 14 and i even believe that punishing your child is appropriate. Back then or even 10-15 years ago you do one thing disrespecting your parents you either would be belt paddle thrown in your room or even hair yanking. Kids were so afraid of there punishment they wouldn't even think about anything in the nature of disrespecting an elder. Today parents aren't aloud to punish there kids CORRECTLY and look what kids get a way with and how the society is now. I think it is a good thing to punish children or to scare them into not doing the bad chooses in life

  • There is a difference.

    There is a clear difference between clearly abusing your child and disciplining them. Discipline should involve a punishment backed by love, not an action taken out of anger. If you are hitting a child out of anger you are not disciplining them. Children do not learn from things like time outs, because there is nothing to associate to with misbehavior. Corporal punishment offers a quick stimulus that helps the developing brain associate misbehavior with pain.
    I was spanked as a child, not abused, spanked. I'm am thankful every time I think about it that my parents disciplined me properly. It has made me know how to act in public. Whenever we would be in a restaurant as kids, there would be screaming children all around, and my brother and I would be the ones sitting at the table eating our food.
    Again, I will clarify. Corporal punishment is done out of love and is solely for discipline of misbehavior. Child abuse is an act of aggression done out of anger meant to actually harm the child. There is a difference.

  • Corporal punishment really

    Back in the day kids use to be scared of death of there parents and that isn't really a bad thing to have fear in your kids eyes. Now a days kids think they can disrespect their parents, teachers, fellow students or any other elder. There is no discipline in kids theses days and that is disrupting our communities and society in general. I believe this is caused be parents not being able to punish there kids. Oh by the way i am 14 and I approve this message

  • Hell yes man

    My son told me he was gay the other day, and you know what I did. Slapped him in the face and told him to repent. I sent him to Pray the Gay Away Camp and now he's a changed man. He's going to be a marine and not a fag.

  • It's hard to say...

    To be honest, I think it made me a bit worse off. Instead of stopping what was wrong, I learned to fear my parents rather than respect them and hide/sneak and lie better. Now a days I'm a terrible liar because I'm not comfortable with it, but find myself compulsive with out realizing it just to avoid talking about how my days went. I realize just how much I never shared with my parents, or how much they didn't know me until I moved out and my boyfriend started pointing out my bubble like home life habits.

    However, Smacking hands when someone is about to do something life threatening and dangerous is a great way to get someone's attention.

  • It's just laziness.

    Age is completely irrelevant in terms of rights as far as I'm concerned. You don't get hit when you make mistakes at work (I should hope), so why should children be hit for making mistakes in the home?

    If you're gonna teach your children, do it the right way and not through pain. I recommend verbal communication rather than teaching them violence.

  • There are better ways of punishment

    Corporal punishment promotes violence. It could also promote the child to hit the parent as well. Punishment such as being banned from something is a better form of punishment as physical punishment is over quickly and is also teaching your child to become violent.

    They are on about bringing in laws on this as well.

  • Spanking doesn't necessarily imply better behavior.

    Negative psychological and emotional effects have been tied to spanking. I think any well meaning individual will look this up on their own, if only to ensure that I am not espousing something for the sole purpose of deception. A child's behavior is generally learned through emulation; in the formative years (I believe up to age 3 or so), a child learns "Proper behavior" from elders, including parents, aunts, uncles, guardians, older children, etc. Suggesting that spanking leads to a child behaving properly is to ignore this fact. It is also ignoring the fact that a well-behaved child can be "unspanked", which is to say "has never been spanked". A misbehaved child can receive spankings on a regular basis. As a parent (mind you, I have no kids of my own and am simply giving my parenting philosophy as I intend to implement it), it falls on you to ensure that a child knows right from wrong and WHY right is right and wrong is wrong. The good old "would you be mad/sad/upset/hurt if they did that to you?" thing works very well, especially in the younger years, where egocentricity is impossible to escape. Even after 3 years old, there is still a sense of egocentricity, in that a child will lie as much as necessary to avoid punishment. It is the fear of punishment that guides a spankee's decisions, not a moral compass. If, instead, you educate your child/ren, and treat them with respect AS your child/ren, you will wind up getting a better result. Children are not like adults, in that their minds and thought process, as well as behavior, is based in an entirely different mechanism. Their minds and behaviors are "qualitatively different". Behavioral psych is a pretty good place to start, as well as cognitive psych, for determining what to do in terms of disciplining a child. The reality is that spanking doesn't teach anything other than fear. "respect" and "obedience" are two different things, "listening" and "obeying" are two different things. As a parent, you should foster a child's growth and development as an INIDVIDUAL, which means simply teaching them morality, and allowing their moral compass to develop on it's own, with some guidance, more so that direction. Not a "do this, do that" attitude, but maybe a "try this, try that" attitude. Suggestions, so to speak. Spanking is a type of dictatorial idea, utilizing force and violence for no reason other than strict obedience. I'm 18, and my mother is still under the impression that "listening" to her means doing what she says; and i'm in college...Paying my own way... Spanking leads to obedience to fear, not obedience to the parent. I would actually argue that obedience isn't even necessary.

  • It is illegal to hit an adult, so why should It be okay to hit a vulnerable

    Child? There are better ways of parenting than resorting to violence. In the 1970’s Sweden made it illegal to spank children. Children didn’t suddenly become immoral, in fact by changing the legal structure of society, Sweden's laws allowed their people to better parents.
    Physical punishment and child abuse are also closely linked, this was why when Sweden banned spanking, rates reducing physical child abuse in Sweden as a whole. For theses reasons how can spanking be a good thing?

  • It's actually a bit tricky!!!

    It's a bit hard to say. On one hand sometimes it's necessary to teach them how to behave, on the other hand it's totally against the humanities and this easy you would teach them the violence unintentional! .... ... . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Would you accept a spanking at work if you messed up?

    I am assuming you would say no to this. Why does being younger make it okay to violate human rights?

    Spanking, just as it would be with an adult, is assault. There are far better ways to lead/ raise children than spanking. Being a respectable person with open dialogue with your kids, consistent non-physical consequences for actions, and modelling the appropriate behaviours yourself, will go much farther than spanking.

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