Corporal punishment of adults: Can corporal punishment be appropriately regulated?

  • Our justice system has enough safty guidlines in place to regulate punishment.

    I feel that some forms of Corporal punishment such as the death penalty should be in place. If there are guidelines put in place such as enough supporting evidence that the person is indeed guilty beyond any reasonable doubt or a grace period that the person has in order to prove there innocence that should be sufficient to allow corporal punishment. These areas would have to be watched carefully and doubled checked on a regular basis but could be carried out in an acceptible way.

  • No, corporal punishment is inappropriate.

    I don't believe that corporal punishment should ever be used on anyone for any reason. To physically harm anyone, prisoner or not, is barbaric. We can use other methods of interrogation to get information from people and there are other humane methods of punishment to teach criminals a lesson about their crime.

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