Corporal punishment of adults: Can corporal punishment be warranted and due to a criminal?

  • Corporal punishment is nessacary

    Some may call me a sadist, but it is nessasary for a stable society. How many of you took for example, take from the candy jar with out asking, after getting spanked a few times. It works. And about it being cruel and unusual, punishment is cruel and unusual buy definition.

  • Prison Removes dangerous criminals from society and it is a deterrent against crime.

    If we remove criminals from society, it wil reduce the crime rates. So, since there are no lawbrakers, the society will be safer. Also, prison is a terrifying place, so potential criminals will be afraid to break the law. So, in conclusion, I think that criminals should be sent to prison.

  • Corporal punishment can be warranted and due to a criminal.

    Corporal punishment can be warranted and due to a criminal. If a criminal did some thing wrong, but not severely wrong, they should be punished, but since prisoners have very little in terms of possessions, they can only be punished by physical means. So, occasionally, prisoners should be punished physically.

  • Corpral punishment is not fair.

    Corporal punishment on a criminal would be cruel and unusual punishment. It would also give correction officers and others a way to severely abuse the criminals. Instead of just a minor use of punishment, a corrections officer would be likely to severely beat the criminal which could even lead to the death of the criminal.

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