Corporal punishment of children: Can corporal punishment cause physical damage?

  • Corporal Punishisment Is Child Abuse

    There is no other way to phrase this. If you hit a child, you are committing an act of violence against that child. Some of the damage can be emotional and mental, but the more severe corporal punishment becomes, the likelihood of physical injury becomes increased. Simple knowledge of rewards and stimuli will go a lot farther than a spanking.

  • Yes, corporal punishment can leave mental/physical scars.

    In many cases, corporal punishment goes beyond spanking. The hitting is usually done with a cane, wooden paddle, leather strap, or yardstick. Having this done to you in public or not, can definitely leave an emotional and/or physical scar. It may give the teacher immediate results, but something that can quickly go over the line, isn't worth it.

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Quan says2013-12-20T20:59:14.147
Technically any time you physically strike anything there is a potential to cause damage. Granted you would be hard pressed to find any real consequences of mere spanking, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. There's almost always a better solution to something than hitting it. Yet that seems to be the gut reaction for most adults when something isn't working, whether it's a TV or a child -- just smack it.