Corporal punishment of children: Can corporal punishment help discipline children?

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  • No, it should not be an option.

    Carpal punishment for children sounds very extreme. Most kids are not aware of what they are doing and are still developing. It takes time to learn the difference between right and wrong and to fully understand our laws and why they are there. Kids should not be held responsible for not knowing any better.

  • No, It Teaches Violence Is The Answer

    No, it cannot. Rather than teach them discipline or respect of authority, corporal punishment reinforces violence or violent behavior as an acceptable way to deal with someone. Especially when dealing with a child who has a tendency to be violent, teaching that child not to hit someone else by hitting him/her would send extremely mixed messages.

    Corporal punishment could also lead to over-use/abuse of the child, and should be looked into by Child Protective Services.

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