Corporal punishment of children: Is corporal punishment associated with sexual abuse?

  • These days it seems to be

    As a 16 year old girl I would not like to be paddled or spanked by a old man I'm sorry but that is sick and perverted and I would file a complaint of child abuse. I'm a well behaved child and I have not been brought up with spanking and i'm fine so it is not needed like ever.

  • Corporal punishment is abuse

    Corporal punishment on anyone, especially children, is a horrible action that has no actual net benefit. Corporal punishment, especially spanking, does have a link to sexual abuse, and it is no surprise that many sexual fetishist have taken to spanking and other such actions that actually began as punishments for children.

  • One has nothing to do with the other.

    Corporal punishment has nothing to do with sexual abuse. Corporal punishment, in terms regarding family, usually consist of spanking a child. Although this has become taboo in recent years, the truth is that most families who spank as a form of punishment are not abusive. Children need discipline and spanking is one way of raising your children now so that the police do not have to raise them later. Sexual abuse is another problem altogether.

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