• Of course I do

    When i was in school i was taught to be behaved and our STRICT uniform policy taught be to dress well, i feel horrible in "normal" clothes i only feel good with a tucked in shirt and a snug necktie around my neck, its just the best way to be, better yourself guys.

  • Professional and classy.

    Suits are a more tidy type of clothing. They look classy and professional. A good suit needs weeks to made and its a masterpiece of tailoring.
    Also it is scientifically approved that a suit can make the person who wear it more confident and help him to be more productive.

  • Yes, I love to wear suits all of the time.

    Yes, I love to wear suits all of the time. I think the suit is a wonderful kind of dress and has always had style. I think the feel and love of it comes from western tradition. I think you can all over the world now and see someone in a suit.

  • I do, actually

    I don't have a ton of opportunities to bust one of my nice suits out but when I do I find I enjoyed doing it and enjoyed the feeling of wearing one in public. I wouldn't particularly mind it being a more regular thing for me to do, there's some confidence and general happiness with how you look wearing one.

  • Not at all

    No, I rather wear whatever I want to work. Wearing a suit everyday is boring for me. But you can wear your suits if you like them . I like being creative with what I wear. Just wearing simple shirt/blouse and pants or skirts is pretty fine for me actually.

  • No, I don't.

    I am a woman and I find suits to be very uncomfortable and way too stiff. I think a nice skirt and shirt combination work for a variety of situations. I think more and more offices are switching to a business casual approach and I think this is a great way of doing things.

  • No I wear pjs :D

    I work from home freelancing online on websites doing crowd sourcing, writing, editing, and monitoring. I love my job. The only reason I'd ever change jobs is if I was offered something a bit more stable, that had a flexible schedule so I could be there for my kids while I work.

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