Corporate earnings off the charts: Did fast food giant Burger King pick the wrong time to move to Canada?

  • America needs all the support it can get from our corporations.

    Burger King has some nerve moving to Canada because it became popular by having its business in the USA. Although so many companies have moved overseas, it is very unethical to make money off of Americans only to pay another government all of the taxes. They should move all of their restaurants to Canada if that is the way they want it. The USA needs economic support, not economic back-stabbing.

  • Yes Burger King did choose the wrong time to announce a move to Canada.

    From a public relations stand point Burger King did make the announce of their purchase of Tim Horton's and the establishment of the combined company's headquarters in Canada. It the long run I don't this will any lasting effect on the profits of the combined company. They have good at a proper price point.

  • No, Whatever time is good for them is fine.

    No, Whatever time is good for them is fine. I don't think companies should bow down to headlines or things that are going on in the corporate world. I feel that burger kind has the right and should move their company any where they like what very time they like.

  • A lower tax rate.

    No, Burger King did not pick the wrong time to move to Canada, because there is a much lower corporate tax rate in Canada. The difference is something like 40% in the United States compared to 28% in Canada. Burger King can have a much higher profit if they pick up and move to Canada.

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