Corporate free speech: Does allow for candidate intimidation?

  • The Problems with Corporate Free Speech

    Corporate free speech definitely allows for candidate intimidation because it allows corporations the ability to freely engage in slander even in indirect ways. Corporations could use subtle hints or funny commercials or propaganda to slander or badmouth other companies or the people in charge of them. It also could lead to other means of intimidation such as blackmail or things not publically seen but occuring nonetheless as a result of corporate free speech. In the legal field, corporations could sue other parties or members of said party for reasons like personal vendetta or competitiveness. There are lots of ways corporate free speech can work negatively against minorities. The fourteenth ammendment allowing the free slaves equal rights undoubtedly bittered some whites and corporate free speech candidate intimidation could definitely be a factor there.

  • Corporate free speech doesn't allow for candidate intimidation

    People aren't allowed to intimidate each other, why should corporations? The law that gave corporations the same rights as people needs to be completely removed. It is ridiculous. I can't believe the government had the audacity to decide to give corporations the rights of humans. Corporations aren't alive. They don't eat or breathe. They are not people. They are man-made businesses.

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