Corporate jargon difficult to understand: Is it necessary for higher-ups at companies to use complex wording?

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  • No, Complex Words Are Not Necessary

    While I do understand that there may be a need for special jargon in the workplace, this jargon should be uniform throughout the company. It would make it much easier for a person to talk to their boss or even transition to a higher position in the company. When the higher-ups use complex words that the lower level employees do not understand it can create a barrier. At the very least those in the higher positions should only use the words around those who would understand them or explain the meaning to those that may not know.

  • No its not

    It isn't necessary for higher-ups at companies to use complex wording. If they used simpler wording more people would understand and be able to communicate and ask questions about anything they still don't understand. People may feel that they are trying to be separated by language which isn't something fair to do.

  • No, complex wording is not necessary for company executives.

    No, company executives that are in the highest ranks do not need to use complex wording. Unless there is a legal matter that requires precise and complex wording the language should be kept simple so that all can understand it. The use of complex wording that average people have a hard time understanding is simply a power play and should not be tolerated.

  • No, it is not neccessary to use complex wording.

    No, I dont think that it is necessary for higher ups at companies to use complex wording. Everything should be said in a way that everyone understands. There should be no secret words around lesser employees. If there is going to be they should be made aware of the words that might come about.

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