Corporate Jargon: Does speaking in business buzzwords actually help business?

  • Business buzzwords do keep employee aware of the trending activities in business.

    Business buzzwords allow the employees to keep track with trend setting activities in the business. These words are gradually being accepted around the globe. Business buzzwords such as "Ideation, Address" are frequently used these days in business structures. These words tend to give a sort of official meaning to any business context.

  • Yes I feel buzzwords do help business.

    I am a firm believer that buzzwords help a business. There are certain words you can hear or see and they stick. When a company uses them it helps you remember who they are and what they are about. Certain words have a professional sound to them and as a consumer I would go to where the company sounds more professional.

  • No, Corporate Jargon Alienates Customers

    Using business buzzwords alienates would-be customers or clients, because it creates uncertainty in them. If you want to increase your business prospects, you want to put people at ease, rather than create doubts. Your use of jargon will not convey an impression that you know what you are talking about. It will simply convince your prospects that they do not know enough about the subject to be talking to you.

  • No, buzzwords only intimidate.

    Using a buzzword heavy environment in the workplace only serves to intimidate other workers from entering the business management field. Most people who have a working knowledge of the English language are able to express themselves without buzzwords, and usually in a more direct manner, which is conducive to more efficient work. So using buzzwords does not aid the decision-making process in a business, but rather hinders it.

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