• Yes, the 14th Amendment applies to corporations.

    I think that the 14th Amendment does apply to corporations. While the 14th Amendment may not have been made to apply to something like corporations when it was first written, it is something that can and is applied to some of the rights and regulations of the corporations in America today.

  • They are people too.

    Yes, the 14th Amendment applies to corporations, because the Supreme Court just ruled on it, and they declared that corporations are people to for the purpose of free political speech. The Supreme Court decided it. Liberals cannot just ignore the Supreme Court rulings that they happen not to like. The 14th applies to corporations.

  • Absolutely not, And only a fool would think so

    Corporations are fundamentally different existences from persons. A corporation does not need to eat or sleep. A corporation cannot serve prison time. A corporation is motivated only by the goal of maximizing profit at all costs. If ignoring the law and getting caught is more profitable to a corporation than obeying the law, Then that is what it will do no matter how many people might get hurt along the way. After all, What is the government going to do, Throw it in jail? By nature they are not beholden to the same constraints as a person, So why should they be granted the same liberties?

  • No, it does not.

    There is no such thing as a corporation being the same as a human person, and those who want this kind of treatment are just the wealthy who are seeking to have more of an influence in politics than they already have. It is a travesty that is not protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe the fourteenth amendment applies to corporations. The fourteenth amendment has little if nothing to do with business and/or corporations. This amendment protects rights of the natural born citizen and the naturalized citizen. Corporations should not be granted personhood, they are not people and they should not be granted such a status.

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